Bitcoin Association names North American BSV Ambassadors

The Bitcoin Association has announced three new BSV ambassadors for North America, tasked with promoting Bitcoin SV (BSV) in the region. The new ambassadors include Ryan X. Charles, Angela Holowaychuk and Billy Rose. The newly announced North American ambassadors will be joining recently announced ambassadors from Europe and the Asian-Pacific region.

Welcoming the appointments, Bitcoin Association President Jimmy Nguyen said the ambassadors’ role was to provide the underlying technology for enterprise implementations on blockchain.

With BSV, we are finally able to show the business world what blockchain technology can really do to help any enterprise, large or small. Now, we are focusing more resources into specific geographic regions to educate and, indeed, demonstrate, what BSV can do today. Our Ambassadors are leaders in their country’s blockchain and technology industries, and their knowledge will further enhance BSV’s development as the global enterprise blockchain.

Money Button founder and CEO Ryan X. Charles is tasked with responsibility for advocating for BSV in the United States. He is joined by Billy Rose, founder and CMO of blockchain social network Twetch.

Money Button is a simple payment solution for websites and apps, with support for micropayments, smart contract payments and blockchain data storage. Developing for Bitcoin since 2011, Charles has emerged as one of the industry’s most respected voices.

Twetch is an ad-free social network, which gives users control over their own data—and as a result, the chance to earn money from their own content and data, described as “the interface to Bitcoin” for consumers.

For Canada, the Bitcoin Association has appointed Angela Holowaychuk, CEO of Squire Mining Ltd. The firm is developing cloud computing infrastructure to support blockchain development, with Angela contributing over 15 years senior management experience in the sector.

Angela’s expertise is building global operations and service channels from the ground up and working closely with legal and regulatory advisers, executives and technology specialists.

The ambassadors are now preparing to get to work raising awareness and educating enterprise users on the benefits of building apps on BSV, the fastest growing blockchain ever. As the only cryptocurrency that implements Satoshi Nakamoto’s original vision, BSV is Bitcoin in its purest form. 

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