Meet the newly appointed APAC based Bitcoin Association Ambassadors

Meet the newly appointed APAC based Bitcoin Association Ambassadors

The Bitcoin Association has grown to be one of the biggest organizations in the entire industry, as they continue to champion Satoshi’s vision and the real Bitcoin. The association is made up of members from various fields who all share the common goal of driving global adoption and increasing the use of BSV to make it the world’s new money. Today the Bitcoin Association has announced their newest Global Ambassadors who’ll give the association an even wider reach on the ground in a fast growing Asian Pacific region.

The first ambassador is Sam Chi, a South Korean entertainment industry titan who has dedicated his efforts to advancing the adoption of the real Bitcoin. Chi, who was behind the critically acclaimed and award winning movie OldBoy, has produced several movies featuring some of Hollywood’s biggest stars including Sylvester Stallone and John Krasinski.

Chi has ventured into blockchain technology with the firm belief that it will power the future. He’s involved in several diverse projects that include mining Bitcoin, crypto consulting and investing in the production of mining chips.

Ken Shishido joins the Bitcoin Association after close to a decade of involvement in the industry. Based in Tokyo and Tel-Aviv, Shishido has been advocating for Bitcoin in Japan since 2011. His love for Bitcoin has seen him become extensively involved in bringing the crypto community together, organizing over 180 Bitcoin meet-ups in Tokyo. Shishido has also been an active investor in Bitcoin and has been travelling the world to discover the best applications of the technology to solve the everyday challenges.

Lin Zheming also joins the association as an ambassador, bringing years of experience in the booming Chinese internet industry. The BSV community already knows Zheming as the proprietor of Mempool, a BSV/BTC mining pool and an ever-present member of the BSV community. Zheming has worked in internet product design for 13 years and has served with some of the largest companies globally including Apple and Baidu. Other than Mempool, Zheming is also behind, a non-custodial BSV wallet for WeChat.

The Bitcoin Association also welcomed Eli Afram as one of its ambassadors. Hailing from Australia, Afram is a fierce advocate for the real Bitcoin and the adoption of blockchain technology. Even before Bitcoin SV, Afram was among those advocating for an unrestricted Bitcoin which could scale massively to meet its users’ needs, a vision that has become fulfilled with Bitcoin SV. A programmer and writer, he serves as the CTO of Layer2, the company behind Amleh, a gold token built on BSV that’s bringing gold certificates on-chain.

The ambassadors will play a key role in championing for Bitcoin SV, in line with the mission of the Bitcoin Association. Led by its Founding President Jimmy Nguyen, the association has brought together stakeholders from various sectors who seek to make Bitcoin SV the world’s money. They include merchants who are coming onboard after realizing that BSV is the best payment option; miners, who have realized that BSV is the only project that caters to their interests in the face of diminishing block rewards; enterprises, who are building applications on the only blockchain that can scale massively; and Bitcoin service providers who are building applications for the rapidly-growing user base.

The association boasts of having some of the industry’s key figures in its advisory council, including Bitcoin creator Dr. Craig Wright, Squire Mining CEO Angela Holowaychuk, CoinGeek founder and Bitcoin entrepreneur Calvin Ayre, and Tokenized founder James Belding. It has continued to onboard more businesses to the Bitcoin ecosystem and organize meet-ups where the attendants get to learn why Bitcoin SV is the future in finance and beyond.

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