Bitcoin Association names ambassadors for EMEA region

Every part of the world faces its own unique opportunities and challenges in Bitcoin Adoption, and the European, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) region is no exception. To expertly navigate the sector and optimize Bitcoin SV’s (BSV) adoption, the Bitcoin Association has announced a slate of new ambassadors.

These Bitcoin and blockchain leaders are experts in their respective markets, and the best selections to keep BSV growing, not that it’s had any problems so far. BSV is the fastest growing blockchain, finally being allowed to massively scale and provide the micropayment and data capacity that Bitcoin has always promised. Compared to the congested BTC and Ethereum networks, which can’t scale, BSV is now capable of offering the bandwidth necessary for global enterprise usage, and these Ambassadors are very well suited to spread that message.

The EMEA region brings a wide range of challenges for its new ambassadors. The mostly well-developed European region needs folks who can talk to how BSV is well suited to their regulatory frameworks, while also pouncing on the growing opportunities of Eastern Europe. The needs of developing Africa are perfectly suited to the low costs of BSV remittances. Finally, the Middle-East offers a bounty of talent and potential investment.

The new Bitcoin Association ambassador for South Africa is Centbee co-founder and CEO Lorien Gamaroff. Also the founder of Bankymoon, Gamaroff is an expert on cryptocurrency payments and remittances, and has spoken all over the world on the benefits of Bitcoin to emerging countries. He also co-founded the Blockchain Academy, which has helped educate professionals on blockchain topics ranging from regulations to software development.

For Israel, GAP600 founder and CEO Daniel Lipshitz is their new ambassador. A student of economics, Lipshitz believes in a future of economic freedom for the world, and believes BSV is the means to that end.

Jan Smit, founder of Two Hop Ventures, is the Bitcoin Association’s new ambassador for the Netherlands. Through Two Hop, Smit has invested in BSV start-ups, giving them a serious chance to create a new Bitcoin economy. Before Two Hop, Smit spent many years in the financial sector.

CREA co-founder and CTO Matej Trampuš will be the ambassador for Slovenia. Trampuš has 25 years of software development experience spanning several industries, and genuinely wants to change the world through blockchain technology adoption.

Finally, the Bitcoin Association has announced Alexander Shulgin’s role is now expanding. Formerly the ambassador for Russia, Shulgin will now represent Russia, the Central Independent States (CIS) and Russian speaking communities. Coming from 15 years of investment experience, Shulgin has previously told CoinGeek that he has seen for many years that the world needed a platform that only BSV now offers, and that he believes BSV will “make Bitcoin great again.”

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