Bitboss releases Tokenized update for Keyring Libraries

Bitboss releases Tokenized update for Keyring Libraries

Bitboss has already helped change the game for new Bitcoin developers by making the Keyring Libraries, a collection of JavaScript code applications, available to the public. They’re now adding to those libraries to further help Bitcoin SV (BSV) development by adding code for digital tokens on the Tokenized protocol.

Announced on Medium in their post “Announcing our Javascript Implemention of the Tokenized Protocol,” this is once again an example of code that BitBoss developed internally for their own applications, but decided that it would be useful to release to the world for others benefit. Alex Shore, owner and Chief Technical Officer of Bitboss, wrote:

“The combination of the BSV blockchain and the Tokenized Protocol have finally allowed us to build out a scalable, low cost, fast, secure gaming platform on a public blockchain.”

Shore also described how they are using this technology internally. By using digital tokens, they have now created applications that allow “casino customers that allow their players to be able to avoid ATMs and lines at the casino and instead load up their mobile app with gambling tokens ahead of time.”

If used to its fullest potential, Bitboss expects this can allow for a cashless casino experience, while also allowing casinos to fully track their tokens and introduce new marketing opportunities. Tokens can be customized to only be spendable on specific games, configured to expire on a specific date, and also divided amongst different player loyalty levels to create incentives based on volume of play.

BitBoss, while being an incredibly innovative blockchain gaming company, has also shown repeatedly their strong support for growing the BSV development scene. They first released the Keyring Libraries in May, making development easier for all applications that would come after. They then showed their dedication to updating these libraries by adding validation checking code in June. Most recently, they also added support for Unwriter’s B:// protocol in a July update.

Bitboss is proving that not only will they continue to build on BSV, the only blockchain that scales to the needs of the world, but they will also help everyone else along the way.

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