BitBoss adds B:// protocol support to Keyring libraries

BitBoss adds B:// protocol support to Keyring libraries

BitBoss has been consistently helpful to the Bitcoin SV (BSV) community, releasing tools that developers can use to more quickly develop apps for the blockchain. They’ve now announced an update to their Keyring Javascript library to add support for Unwriter’s B:// protocol.

The Keyring lirbaries were first released in May, and was developed internally at BitBoss to solve their own development needs for adding wallet support and work with OP_Return fields. When they realized how beneficial it would be to the developers, they released them to the public to foster development for BSV.

They then showed they were serious about keeping these libraries up to date in June, when they added three new plugins to the libraries. Those additions provided validation support to the code available to developers.

This latest release throws its full support behind the B:// protocol. On Medium, BitBoss wrote:

“This functionality has been added to further help the BSV development community by providing them the ability to easily read and write files on the BSV blockchain from within the applications that they are creating.”

This new library allows developers to include files into created transactions and write them to the BSV blockchain. It also allows an app to pull a file from the blockchain.

The javascript library does all the grunt work so a developer doesn’t have to code it themselves. The data found in the OP_Return field is parsed so that an application can use only the parts it needs and be rid of the bits that are unnecessary. 

As part of the release, they’ve also updated the CBOR and MsgPack plugins that were released in June to add B:// protocol support to them.

This support continues to show how supportive the BSV development community can be. Rather than compete tooth and nail, jealously hiding secrets behind curtains, the community is generously helping each other out by providing assistance to new comers, making the onboarding process easier and growing the community faster.

That spirit was perhaps best exemplified by the first ever BSV hackathon. Although UptimeSV won the event with their impressive new application, all agreed that the supportive atmosphere during the 48 hour grind helped them get to the finish line when they otherwise were running out of steam.

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