Money Button provides free education in Bitcoin SV development

Money Button provides free education in Bitcoin SV development

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If your business is looking to get started on Bitcoin SV (BSV), it just got a lot easier. Money Button has started putting out documentation to help other businesses build applications on the BSV blockchain.

The announcement of this documentation came on March 10, when Money Button CEO Ryan X. Charles tweeted links to the first three pieces of BSV educational materials. Even better for businesses, none of these materials require Money Button to work, so they have the freedom to build any way the please.

The first article covers the use of big numbers. Javascript doesn’t natively support big numbers, so this guide shows you how you can reference the big number library wrapper for bsv, and use different functions to do math with them, compare them, and use the end result.

The second article covers points. It covers in some detail how points can be used to derive the public key of a user from use of the bsv.crypto.point library.

The third article Charles announced gets into the all-important hash functions. This article not only teaches some important fundamentals on how hash can be calculated, but also gets into how different functions in the bsv library can help generate new hashes.

In addition to the documents Money Button announced, they’ve since also released an article for Base 58. Base 58 is the concept that Satoshi established to ensure Bitcoin address were not so easily mistyped or copied. These functions allow a developer to encode strings into base58, and then check them to ensure they are correct.

Money Button providing this valuable educational service for new developers and Bitcoin businesses is another example of why the BSV community is the most mature, welcoming environment for enterprise. Rather than protect this knowledge for their own gain, or put it behind a paywall, they are providing it for free for the world to use.

That generosity will naturally lead to more developers coding with BSV, and more businesses in prime position to build their plans using BSV. As a result, BSV will have more applications, and more reasons for end users to adopt.

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