First ever Bitcoin SV hackathon goes big with 400 BSV prize pool

First ever Bitcoin SV hackathon goes big with 400 BSV prize pool

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How do you enable the world’s new money and global enterprise blockchain? Run a hackathon, that’s how.

This May, the Bitcoin Association—the leading industry group for Bitcoin business—is hosting the first ever Bitcoin SV (BSV) hackathon to encourage developers around the world to build on BSV and unleash the true power of Bitcoin’s original design, protocol and Satoshi Vision. The hackathon is run by nChain and sponsored by CoinGeek.

The hackathon will be virtual so anyone can participate from anywhere in the world. It will take place on May 4 and 5, with participation periods to run according to the based upon GMT timezone.

Three finalists will be selected in the virtual hackathon, and a representative from each team will fly to Toronto, Canada, to present their BSV-powered solutions at the CoinGeek Toronto Conference on May 30. A panel of judges and the conference attendees will select the winner.

The first place winner will go home with 250 BSV, followed by 100 BSV for the second placer, and 50 BSV for the third place winner. All three finalists will have the opportunity to be considered for investment funds.

Registration for the BSV virtual hackathon will open soon. Pre-register here.

The first ever BSV virtual hackathon is a lead up to the CoinGeek Toronto conference, a two-day cryptocurrency event at the historic The Carlu on May 29-30.

The CoinGeek Toronto conference is the third installment of CoinGeek’s headline events. Like the first two CoinGeek conferences, the Toronto summit will feature experts in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space. The event’s overall theme is “Bitcoin SV: No Limits,” with a focus on massive on-chain scaling and the technological power of Bitcoin SV. It’s worth noting, however, that though focused on BSV, the CoinGeek conference environment incorporates speakers who also work with other cryptocurrencies and blockchains, and also welcomes anyone interested in learning about BSV.

A “Developers Day” will be held on May 29, focusing on more technical issues for BSV. The main conference will take place on May 30. Sessions will cover topics such as, scaling and technical developments of BSV, how merchants can accept payment with BSV, The Metanet, nChain’s ground-breaking project to power and integrate the Internet through the BSV blockchain, tokenization with BSV, enterprise application on the BSV blockchain, and a discussion of a Bitcoin future finally with “No Limits,” among others.

To learn more about the CoinGeek Toronto conference, visit the official CoinGeek Conference website.

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