Bitboss’ Josh Robinson explains the benefits of Keyring

BitBoss’ Josh Robinson explains the benefits of Keyring

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BitBoss had a lot to present at the recent CoinGeek Seoul conference, but for other Bitcoin SV (BSV) businesses and developers, no release might be as useful as their Keyring library. To explain the code packages better, co-founder and chief architect Josh Robinson joined our Stephanie Tower on the sidelines of the event

To get everyone up to speed, Robinson began by giving a summary of what Keyring is. “So Keyring is a JavaScript library that we built for our own needs, and realized that it would be very useful for the rest of the BSV community,” he explained. “It’s a collection of different packages that allow you to easily and quickly build different types of applications on top of BSV.”

Tower asked him about the most recent update to the Keyring library, and how it helps developers as Bitcoin returns to its original protocol with the February 2020 Genesis upgrade. “A big part of my talk was about the evolving nature of BSV and how there’s a lot of changes, including the Genesis upgrade,” he noted. “Our recent upgrade was adding the OP_FALSE OP_RETURN script type. And the main thing that made it really simple for us to do that was abstracting away different parts of the transactions and kind of organizing things in a way that we had the script types in a single area, and that let us easily add it.”

Robinson explained that a specific group of people will see their lives made much easier by using Keyring. “It’d be very helpful for any JavaScript developer, which can be run on the web and on the server side which adds its own kind of benefits where you don’t have to write code multiple times,” he said. “Any kind of new wallets, any kind of applications that need more advanced access to transactions and creating those simply, without wanting to load a giant loaded library with lots of different functionality that you don’t need.”

As BitBoss is a gambling centric company, Tower asked how much Keyring helps enterprises in that industry. “Keyring is pretty generic, but we do have a couple of projects and products we’re working on,” he replied. “We have a full wallet that’s using Keyring, a mobile app wallet that has gaming built into it. So it allows you to play baccarat and a number of different things using BSV or Tokenized tokens.

YouTube video

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