bComm Association reveals new, grown-up logo for Bitcoin SV

bComm Association reveals new, grown-up logo for Bitcoin SV

The rebirth of the original Bitcoin as Bitcoin SV (BSV) has marked a momentous occasion for cryptocurrency. To mark the 10th anniversary of the Bitcoin genesis block, the bComm Association has announced an updated logo for BSV.

The new BSV logo was chosen based on public voting through Twitter polls, as a progressive method of decentralized marketing. By allowing the public a say in what BSVs new logo should be, the bComm Association demonstrated their intent to make BSV the digital currency of the people, and truly ready for global adoption.

In their press release, the group noted they believe the new design reflects well on Bitcoins roots, as well as BSV’s potential to professionalize the space. The new cleaner B symbol and “Bitcoin SV” characters, standing upright and not tilted either way, and now with Bitcoin capitalized, demonstrates a more grown up representation of the currency. SV is now in superscript front, reflecting Satoshi’s vision forward, while still emphasizing the larger font of Bitcoin. Finally, the B symbol and superscript SV are in a “dragon gold” font, to mark the occasion of BSV’s full node implementation which paved the way for the rebirth of the original Bitcoin in the form of BSV.

The bComm association is not just updating the BSV logos; they’ve been busy. Although Mempool recently mined a 65mb block, the association has made it clear they intend to have a 1GB block in the next 12 months. They’ve also began releasing a the ‘BSV Weekly’ blog post, to keep the industry updated on BSV developments and events.

In the announcement, Founding President of the bComm Association Jimmy Nguyen hones in on how this new BSV logo emphasizes the maturation of the cryptocurrency. He notes, “The new BSV logo represents this pivotal moment for Bitcoin to grow up.  In the spirit of Satoshi Vision, we are especially thrilled that BSV supporters around the world chose this logo after multiple rounds of online polling in a new paradigm of decentralized marketing.”

As Coingeek has covered, BSV has had a very successful rebirth since the November 15, 2018 hard fork that saw it split from Bitcoin Cash ABC (BCH/BAB). nChain announced the upcoming Metanet, powered by BSV, which will revolutionize how we use the internet. Exchanges and wallets alike have shown their support for BSV, with more coming onboard in the near future.

Nguyen also comments in the press release that the Node team at nChain intends to keep the dragon logo for the time being, to differentiate from the BSV cryptocurrency. The dragon logo stays on because of its significance symbolically for “leadership, ambition, good fortune, energy, and independence – perfect qualities for a reference implementation to lead Bitcoin to its destined world-changing future.”

Next up for the bComm Association is a stress test for BSV. They will work with the BCH Professional Stress Test team, nChain, and others to test the cryptocurrencies throughput capacity. Expectation is it will showcase that BSV is the only cryptocurrency that is on the right path for business use long term, through its ability to scale and use bigger blocks.

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