Bitcoin SV mines 65MB block on Bitcoin SV

Mempool mines 65MB block on Bitcoin SV

There’s another reason for celebration in the Bitcoin SV ecosystem this holiday season. On Christmas Day, Mempool mined the first 65MB block on the Bitcoin SV chain, now the world’s largest ever on a public blockchain.

The 65MB block came at block height 562257, mined at 9:34 a.m. on December 25, and accounted for 288,233 transactions, according to Bitfire data. The transactions were part of an independent testing done by the Mempool team in which they loaded transactions directly into the mining node, resulting in the big block mined.

Bitcoin SV mines 65MB block on Bitcoin SV

It’s worth noting that the 65MB block came three minutes after the previous block was mined—and in that short period of time, the mining pool managed to stuff over 288,000 transactions into the mempool. The mining pool supports Bitcoin SV as it “believes in the Satoshi Vision that is described in the original Bitcoin whitepaper.”

The 65MB block broke the previous record set by CoinGeek Mining during the professional stress test of the BCH network hash war. Bitcoin SV, the only chain that follows the original Satoshi Vision for Bitcoin, continues to demonstrate its record-setting capabilities, with larger blocks mined with 38MB followed by 64MB, and now 65MB.

It may look like a small increase, but this is just the beginning for Bitcoin SV. The network is gearing up for another professional stress test, where it will show that substantially bigger blocks—up to 128MB—can be done on the blockchain. CoinGeek founder Calvin Ayre predicts the next stress test “will also be the last nail in the coffin of any belief in the self-serving and ultimately, ironically self-failing lie of on chain scaling being dangerous.”

2019 is definitely the year of massive on-chain scaling—with Bitcoin SV, the only enterprise-friendly blockchain and token with a clear and focused mission to restore the original Satoshi protocol, keep it stable, and enable it to massively scale on-chain. Be part of this exciting time and community by joining the bComm Association, a network of hundreds of bCommerce experts from around the world.

As the Founding President of bComm Association, Jimmy Nguyen, puts it, now is the time to come together and “bring to life the Satoshi Vision.” He says, “Join us on this exciting journey to make BSV the world’s new money and the global public ledger for the world’s enterprises.”

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