Pixel Wallet rolls out Bitcoin SV support

Pixel Wallet rolls out Bitcoin SV support

In a statement to CoinGeek, Pixel Wallet has announced that as of December 17, their app now fully supports Bitcoin SV (BSV).

Pixel Wallet had previously made their intentions clear to support BSV, the only coin that follows Satoshi’s original vision for Bitcoin. This update to their app solidifies that support and provides another option for BSV supporters to transact with the cryptocurrency.

Pixel Wallet allows users to send BSV to other users by taking pictures with their phone camera, of objects, locations, or even selfies, and then encrypting them with an amount of BSV to send. Once received, the payee uses Pixel Wallet to decrypt the image to receive the funds.

In addition, Pixel Wallet has revealed they are working on a new website “which will allow users to claim their image … by simply uploading the picture, enter a password and entering their legacy address or Handcash handle, and it will fund the wallet if the image is valid.”

You can check out the website now, but expect more developments in the coming weeks. Pixel Wallet intends to make the site a little more fun for users by the end of the year.

Jimmy Nguyen, founding president of the bComm Association, recently wrote that BSV is “the blockchain all enterprises should build upon.” Due to the massive scalability, stability, speed and safety of BSV, businesses like Pixel Wallet are easy to convince that it is the clear choice for their needs. With more teams choosing BSV due to its attractive features, adoption from end users will follow. And since BSV is already set up to scale, it’s ready to take on those new users and provide them with a flawless experience consistently.

With Pixel Wallet already being on board, they’ll already have some neat ways to interact with BSV.

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