Voltaire confirms Bitcoin SV support coming soon

Voltaire confirms Bitcoin SV support coming soon

Voltaire.Cash, the London crypto exchange, has maintained for a long time now that they appreciate Satoshi’s original vision, and wanted to stick to the “closest thing to the vision of peer-to-peer electronic cash.” In a recent tweet, the Voltaire team confirmed they still believe in that vision, and will open up a Bitcoin SV (BSV) pair soon.

After the November hard fork that saw Bitcoin reborn in the form of BSV, Voltaire was forced, by their adherence to the Nakamoto Consensus to support the longest proof of work, to give the ABC team the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) ticker, and as a result, the exchange became a Bitcoin Core (BTC) to BCH exchange exclusively. With the same announcement, they declared they were working to roll out BSV trading before the end of the year.

Voltaire may have felt pressure from their user base and business partners to get BSV added sooner than later. More and more people are recognizing that BSV is not only the original vision of Satoshi, but has the scalability, stability, safety and speed necessary to be a revolution for currency. Furthermore, one of Voltaire’s key business partners, Handcash, has already launched BSV support, so the exchange had little choice but to adopt the reborn Bitcoin, or risk an unbalanced relationship with the wallet.

In their latest blog post, Voltaire made clear they have more planned for the near future. They wrote they are working on “adding 0-conf deposits, advanced trading tools, margin trading and a loaning product.”

This news further confirms that the business friendly attitude of the developers behind BSV is a key ingredient to Bitcoin’s future success. More businesses are supporting the coin, and more users are asking for it to be supported. This loop is expected to continue, as BSV becomes the future of digital currency, exactly as Satoshi intended.

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