Bayesian Group CoinGeek Live 2020 sponsor spotlight

The Bayesian Group is hard at work developing platforms that will move the world into a frictionless, digital-first financial future starting with Modern Finance. CoinGeek recently had a chance to talk to Eric Bernhard, VP, Customer at The Bayesian Group, who gave us more information about what the group does as well as what he is looking forward to at the upcoming CoinGeek Live Conference.

Here is what we learned.

For those who are unfamiliar with your work, what does The Bayesian Group do?

The Bayesian Group is a think tank that builds technology products in the fintech space and Fabriik is the first initiative that we are building. Fabriik is focused on furthering the probability of positive change and is driven by the equalization of opportunity. This journey will not happen overnight, but we are proud to start with the Fabriik Tokenization Platform, built to support any tokenization protocol. We believe that people just want to be able to create tokens and transfer in the easiest way, without having to worry about all the technical details. Fabriik Markets offers one of the most advanced OTC desks around the world, we currently support over 1,000 trading pairs and can easier support any requested trading pair. Over the coming months we will be launching a couple of very exciting businesses that will support our vision of modern finance.

Why did Fabriik decide to sponsor CoinGeek Live?

We are thrilled to be part of CoinGeek NYC 2020. The conference is a great time to connect with the BSV ecosystem in order to share, learn, and grow together. Our sponsorship is a reflection of our support of the greater ecosystem and our passion for the space. We are proud to be part of the BSV ecosystem. The benefits of the protocol, such as the ability for micro-payments, don’t only support our vision, but the vision of so many others.

This CoinGeek Conference we are most excited to present our company’s evolution over the last few months such as our smart, quantitatively driven OTC Desk. We also have some announcements that will be made throughout the conference, and we are excited to finally share them with the world.

Other than seeing our team members speaking, such as Karen J. Wendel, we are excited to see the updates from ERH Data.

Tune into CoinGeek Live on October 1 to watch Roy Bernhard, the Chief Visionary of The Bayesian Group talk about “Modern Finance on the Bitcoin SV Blockchain.”

If you have not already registered for CoinGeek Live or are looking for the full agenda, you can find more information here.

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