Tech 12 October 2020

Simple^2 and the hazard of layers

Tokens can be applied in many ways and people have really only begun thinking about new and different use cases, Brendan Lee writes.

Business 21 September 2020

The life of a transaction

Brendan Lee maps out a speculative chronology of a Bitcoin transaction’s life—from when it’s created and beyond.

Tech 1 September 2020

Elas Ledgers and Satoshi Tokens

The separation between Bitcoin Ledger and Bitcoin Blockchain can be shown mathematically, Brendan Lee writes.

Editorial 29 April 2020

The best time to plant a tree

Brendan Lee discusses how the Bitcoin Association is advancing the global awareness of Bitcoin, advocating for its use wherever it is needed.

Bitcoin SV and the return to Genesis
Editorial 5 November 2019

Bitcoin SV and the return to Genesis

The upcoming Genesis upgrade which promises to take Bitcoin back to its original unbounded design, giving developers, entrepreneurs and users the freedom to focus on how best to use Bitcoin SV.

Business 16 May 2019

Monetization of digital assets online

Integrating blockchain in storing and accessing data will be more granulated, for instance, pay for a movie per frame or pay per slide of a presentation are few of what the Metanet promised future.

Tech 8 April 2019

The provenance of information

With Bitcoin, there is the option to create and store datasets in such a way that their provenance can be guaranteed, but also shared and monetized.

Bitcoin as a world computer
Tech 22 March 2019

Bitcoin as a world computer

In his post titled Finite State Machines in Script, Dr. Craig Wright outlines several ways to build an automation structure known as a ‘Finite State Machine’ using Bitcoin as the computing interface.

Privacy and Bitcoin
Editorial 12 March 2019

Privacy and Bitcoin

With the advent of Bitcoin, users can choose what details they provide to the host of corporates vying for their attention and to monetize those choices themselves.