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ATTN. LIVE’s Ian Utile: There’s a lot of promise for blockchain’s future in Manila

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The Philippines is on its way toward becoming a leader in blockchain adoption in Asia. Ian Utile, the co-producer of NFT.NYC and CEO of ATTN.LIVE, who has been in the blockchain space since 2017, shared the same sentiment as he sees Manila as the next hub and leader of blockchain adoption in Southeast Asia.

At ATTN.LIVE, Utile is working on a Web3 infrastructure that empowers content creators—such as podcasters and TikTokers—to use their software as a Web3 decentralized app, helping them monetize, record and distribute content, the CEO shared with CoinGeek Backstage.

How do people, particularly Filipinos, grasp the concept of Web3? Talking about his opening presentation about the future of blockchain at the Philippine Blockchain Week, Utile says that many Filipinos fully understand the industry.

“For the opening, I did this ‘Future of Blockchain,’ it was like the beginners’ keynote. And I got a ton of feedback from people saying like, ‘I didn’t understand this stuff,’ and they were kind of bouncing things back to me,” he revealed. “What I thought is this is good. Like there’s some understanding, there’s some infrastructure because, of course, here you have more MetaMask wallets, more Internet connectivity, and [a] younger population. It’s native to them.”

When asked about his thoughts on the future of blockchain in the Philippines, the ATTN.LIVE CEO told CoinGeek Backstage’s Claire Celdran that the country could lead Southeast Asia to blockchain because all the infrastructure is set, and the youth already know how play-to-earn works.

“Well, I think for the Philippines as a whole country, I think that you can lead Southeast Asia,” he said.

“There’s a lot of promise about the future of blockchain here in Manila as a city, the Philippines as a country, and Southeast Asia as a region,” he added.

Speaking about the best use cases of blockchain, Utile said that “the next great app would likely be built for mass connection,” decentralized, and created for content creators because of the growing population of talents in the country.

“Content creators are creating the most intellectual property. They provide the world the most value, and they get compensated the very least,” he pointed out.

“You and your peers provide an incredible amount of value in content, but there’s not a mechanism to automate your ability to copyright everything…So when that comes to the Philippines, IP through a MetaMask wallet for a young person that will be the fastest growing consumer app that has hit the country,” he concluded.

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