Atomic Wallet integrates Bitcoin SV

Atomic Wallet integrates Bitcoin SV

Adoption momentum for Bitcoin SV (BSV), the only coin that follows the original Satoshi Vision for Bitcoin, continues to build. This week, more services have started integrating the coin, which offers both scalability and utility and, as a result, is seeing its popularity continue to rise.

The latest crypto service joining the party is Atomic Wallet, the multi-currency custody-free wallet that currently supports more than 300 coins and tokens. In a tweet, the wallet urged its users to manage their BSV holdings in Atomic Wallet’s “clear and secure interface.”

Founded by former Changelly CEO Konstantin Gladych in 2018, Atomic Wallet is considered to be the first crypto wallet with decentralized cross-chain atomic swaps on board. It features an in-demand services that makes it easier for users to manage their crypto assets in a transparent and reliable manner.

Atomic Wallet also offers a high level of security with its strong encryption and custody-free solution. On its website, the wallet noted that users’ private keys are encrypted and will never leave their device, promising that “only you have control over your funds.”

Atomic Wallet is among the latest to join the growing number of service providers that have on-boarded Bitcoin SV—the only coin that can massively scale on chain and also provides for fast transactions at low fees. There already more than 50 exchanges—Raisex is the latest to open a BSV pair—that have listed the cryptocurrency, while wallets such as CentBeeHandCash, Electron Cash, and Guarda have also started allowing users to store and send their BSV.

Blockchair, a company that offers search and analytics for blockchain activity, recently included a BSV explorer, noting that “Since SV has shown good progress and received community support the team decided to add it.”

The full listing of Bitcoin SV service providers can be found here. If you need help on-boarding Bitcon SV, please contact Kenneth Haugaard.

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