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Adrian Grenier: Bitcoin is about personal experience, sovereignty and responsibility

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You don’t run into Vincent Chase of Entourage or Nick Brewer of Netflix thriller Clickbait every day, but CoinGeek New York conference attendees lucked out as they met celebrity Adrian Grenier.

Grenier, who is also UN Environment Program Goodwill ambassador and founder of nonprofit Lonely Whale, has been recently building a nature-based community in Texas that “will have a hyper-local positive impact on the environment.”

What got an actor into environmentally conscious projects? On the sidelines of the event, Grenier told CoinGeek Backstage: “To build anything, I want to use money as a tool, so I started looking at finance as a way to positively impact the environment by actually investing in businesses that will improve our experience on the planet. I started looking at money itself and the store of value, and crypto comes along—it creates more transparency, equity, and access to the world’s wealth.”

When asked how to balance technology and the environment, Grenier said people who dismiss digital currency as unsustainable “don’t quite fully understand the capacity and opportunity this technology can have. Not only on the store of financial value but also how it will help individuals become more efficient and reduce a lot of bloats.” He expressed this complex question is yet to be answered, although he is optimistic about the possibilities technology brings.

The New York conference was Grenier’s first CoinGeek event, where he was also on a panel with fellow bright minds to discuss digital assets and environmental sustainability. Grenier called the event a learning experience, noting that he gained extensive knowledge about the BSV blockchain and its efficiency at the event.

What about Bitcoin appeals to you? Grenier answered, “It is about personal experience, sovereignty, and responsibility. Therefore, I’d seize any opportunity to take more responsibility—for myself, my community, and my family. And crypto gives that opportunity to people to be more responsible for their wealth and how it is stored.”

Speaking about Bitcoin critics who dismiss the whole concept of digital assets because of “environmental concerns,” Grenier pointed out that people take a very binary simplistic view of good-bad without considering the “multifactorial reality” our society is constructed in. It is actually becoming more energy intensive and efficient, he said, pointing out that the current economic system created several industries that are not beneficial to our environment, so focusing only on the energy consumption aspect within the crypto space is quite “myopic and small-minded.”

Grenier, who also attended the BSV Blockchain NFT Auction Party in New York, has an NFT on the BSV Blockchain where he holds a sweet potato and watermelon grown on his farm, titled Food Freedom. According to him, the idea is to enable access to vegetables and fruits that help people stay healthy to prevent debilitating illnesses.

Referring to Bitcoin inventor Dr. Craig Wright, who he met at the event for the first time as “a down-to-earth and an awesome dude,” Grenier said the duo had conversations with each other about digital currency. Grenier told CoinGeek he is exploring more about BSV and is looking forward to someone cracking the code on it—when a layman like him can use it in his everyday life.

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