Blockchain experts at the 7th Hello Metanet Workshop in Berlin

7th Hello Metanet highlights: Teaching what building on blockchain is all about

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Bitcoin has many use cases, and probably one of the best use cases is building apps and services on top of it.

At the 7th edition of Hello Metanet Workshop in Berlin last June 9-11, experts knowledgeable in BSV blockchain were present as they explored the technology’s potential as a “data network” and covered a broad range of topics on building apps and micropayment-based business models. CoinGeek’s Chief Bitcoin Historian Kurt Wuckert Jr. was also at the workshop to cover the event for the world to see the future of blockchain.

The three-day workshop that followed the successful sCrypt Hackathon Project on June 5-8 at the University of Exeter in London, which also showcased the talents of BSV blockchain developers like Elas Founder and CEO Brendan Lee. Asked if he sees a thread binding these two events, Lee said he sees a “tremendous excitement” around sCrypt—a Typescript platform enabling developers “to write smart contracts on Bitcoin Virtual Machine.”

“What Xiaohui [Liu] has created, I think, is an incredible resource for people who really want to get in and start using Bitcoin today,” the Elas founder added.

Meanwhile, David Case said new developers can work with Bitcoin Script as there’s a lot of potential that they can do with it: “The promise of what you can do with Bitcoin Script…that’s been like this thing that’s been talked about for years now. And now the tools with sCrypt and with some of the other stuff that we’re doing are starting to become advanced enough that there really is a tool to do on-chain decentralized applications.”

“You’re always gonna get an efficiency dividend from creating that script directly in Bitcoin Script because there are things that sCrypt does that do kind of cause what might otherwise cause bloat. However, it is a lot more difficult,” Lee said.

B2029 and Hello Metanet Co-Founder Ekhard Seeßelberg shared that he was pleased with the workshop’s outcome and loved the ideas that came out with it.

“I like this time that we get more things done. There’s more hacking going on, and it looks like some people have really done pretty neat things,” he said. “I just like to talk about technology and the pros and cons of every approach. And I like that almost anything is being tried, so it’s an evolutionary process for me…eventually, the solutions that best fit the market demand will…be more successful than the other ones.”

More blockchain enthusiasts, developers, and non-developers shared three productive days of building, hacking, and learning about developing on the BSV blockchain. Check the recap here to learn more about the previous Hello Metanet workshop.

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