5 'mystery box' buyers win Zatoshi’s biggest ever giveaway

5 ‘mystery box’ buyers win Zatoshi’s biggest ever giveaway

The five lucky winners of Zatoshi’s biggest ever giveaway were announced on a special CoinGeek Weekly Livestream by Kurt Wuckert Jr. A Franck Muller Nakamoto watch and $50,000 in BSV were among the prizes that the winners walked away with.

100 people participated in the giveaway by virtue of purchasing a Zatoshi Mystery Box. The boxes were on sale on Zatoshi’s website and included various gifts worth much more than their purchase price. The 100 who ordered the boxes entered the draw, and Kurt got to spin the virtual wheel and announce the winners live.

The prizes up for grabs were the Franck Muller Nakamoto watch, which pays tribute to the original Bitcoin—Bitcoin SV; a fully-paid trip to London to meet Zatoshi himself; a fully-paid trip to Dubai for the CoinGeek-hosted BSV conference in March 2022; a Gorilla DAO Gold Coin that went for $5,000 at launch earlier this year; and $50,000 in BSV.

The five lucky winners were orders 94-10302, 51-10273, 33-10270, 68-10276, and 98-10306, respectively.


Kurt appreciated Zatoshi’s efforts in promoting Bitcoin SV, including through the mega giveaway and many other actions by the Londoner.

“Thank you for doing this Zatoshi, our delightful mystery man of BSV, doing the Lord’s work every day. Thank you for everything you do. Congratulations to the winners, and for the runners up, good luck next time you buy those mystery boxes,” he stated.

The Franck Muller Nakamoto watch winner was full of joy and took to Twitter to express it.

Zatoshi urged everyone to attend the CoinGeek-hosted event in Dubai next year, where he pledged to hand out even more prizes.

Aside from being one of the most prolific philanthropists in Bitcoin through his giveaways, Zatoshi has also been instrumental in the development and distribution of the Gorilla DAO coins which launched earlier this year and is behind Mitto.Cash, a platform that simplifies the Bitcoin onboarding process by using the normal email.

Zatoshi, whose utility token $ZAT launched in June this year, talked to CoinGeek in an interview a year ago, reminding BSV users that they have a duty to educate the masses about the power of Satoshi’s vision.

“We in the Bitcoin community have to do our best in teaching people more about BSV and the fact it the true and only Bitcoin that works, and works well,” he pointed out.

Watch the full video of the CoinGeek Weekly Livestream: Special – Zatoshi Giveaway with Chief Bitcoin Historian Kurt Wuckert Jr.

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