Zatoshi Giveaways: Promoting Bitcoin adoption in a unique way

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The Bitcoin SV community is quickly becoming one of the most active in the digital currency industry. Every member of this community is playing his part, striving to introduce as many people as possible to the power of the only Bitcoin that adheres to Satoshi’s original protocol and design.

One Londoner has taken a unique path to promote adoption, sharing his Bitcoin SV with his followers on social media. We caught up with Twitter user @iamZatoshi to talk about his giveaways and why he believes that educating the world about Bitcoin is the key to adoption.

Zatoshi’s giveaways on Twitter have become quite popular. Jack Liu, the founder of popular Bitcoin SV wallet RelayX and FloatSV exchange, described him as “a top 5 entrepreneur in BSV.”

Zatoshi believes that through his giveaways, he’s doing his part in spreading Bitcoin adoption, he told CoinGeek.

“Giveaways are a simple and fun way to get people involved. Many people in the BSV community sometimes disagree with giving out free BSV but I look at it as a clever way to spread the word on Bitcoin. Many people who have won my giveaways who then learn about Bitcoin for the first time become really intrigued and fascinated by it.”

On Twitter, where he has tens of thousands of followers, he selects a few people who interact with his posts and sends them BSV. For some, this is their first time interacting with Bitcoin. Additionally, he poses questions for his users, with those who get the correct answer winning BSV.

Recently, in a “24 hour, 1 Bitcoin, 1 person” giveaway, he asked his followers who the president of the Bitcoin Association is – hint; it’s not Dr. Craig Wright. The winner walked away with 1 BSV. Jimmy Nguyen, whose name was the correct answer, considered it a ‘WIN’, stating on Twitter:

Zatoshi believes that educating the world about Bitcoin SV is the key to unlocking global adoption. “We in the Bitcoin community have to do our best in teaching people more about BSV and the fact it the true and only Bitcoin that works, and works well,” he told CoinGeek.

“The BSV community is full of very intelligent people. Many of us already do our part in answering important questions newbies have. We must continue as we are,” he added.

While he’s mostly known for his giveaways, Zatoshi has other projects in BSV. He is the founder of ZBanknotes, a platform that allows users to buy rare and collectible banknotes. Customers who pay using Bitcoin SV get a significant discount. The site has been growing steadily, with the number of people making payments in BSV being the overwhelming majority, he revealed.

“We do however still accept “dirty digital fiat” and some other digital currencies but ideally, I want customers to use BSV. Fast, cheap and easy to use!”

Zatoshi is also the operator of, a website that introduces newbies to Bitcoin SV, enabling them to navigate the various applications and services built on Bitcoin.

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