Zatoshi’s loyalty reward utility token

When you hold Zatoshi’s $ZAT, you earn 10% interest–paid in BSV–on your $ZAT holdings on January 9th every year, and you save 10% off on any purchases made at if you choose to pay in $ZAT.

$ZAT is the latest loyalty reward utility token to launch on the BSV enterprise blockchain and owning $ZAT brings you numerous advantages, especially if you buy precious metals and art from the infamous Zatoshi.

“Creating the $ZAT token has been an idea of mine for a while now,” said Zatoshi when I asked him what inspired him to launch the $ZAT.

“I saw many great people in BSV launching their tokens on BSV and decided to wait for the right time for me. $ZAT is a way to encourage people to ultimately use their tokens if they wish to, or still be rewarded if they just wanted to hold them too.”

Loyalty reward tokens are not a new concept, the RelayX REX1 and the Haste Arcade HST each reward users with tokens for actively participating on their respective platforms. But before the $ZAT, there has been no loyalty reward token that had utility as well as loyalty benefits.

$ZAT holders get a sizeable discount (10%) on the goods they buy via Zatoshi’s website, and the $ZAT also brings benefits to individuals that are simply looking to hold the token as well and earns them 10% interest for being a supporter of Zatoshi.

When I asked Zatoshi why he decided to launch his token on the RUN protocol via RelayX he said,

“I’ve been speaking to Jack Liu about it and I really like what he and his team are doing with RelayX/Run on his platform. I see how other tokens started to gain attention and traction and realised it was definitely the right platform (and time) to go with.”

The RUN protocol and RelayX are quickly becoming fan favorites because they give individuals the ability to easily create a token and subsequently have it trade on the RelayX Decentralized Exchange (REX). This allows the potential buyers of the token to have an onramp and sellers of the token to have a readily available offramp.

The $ZAT launched via the REX today (June 22, 2021) at 3:33 pm UK time and debuted at a price of .01 BSV per $ZAT.

When I asked Zatoshi what we could expect from him in the near and far future he said,

“Well, people forget I am also an artist. I am working on some amazing Art at the moment and cannot wait to share that with everyone. As you know Patrick I have been working on a lot lately, in particular, the Nakamoto watch by Franck Muller which was an exciting project for me. Now my focus is $ZAT and ART and many other great things in the pipeline too. Everyone will just need to keep an eye on @IamZatoshi to see what I have in store.”

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