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Your invite to join the London Blockchain Conference May 31 – June 2

Attending conferences has been my bread & butter since early 2005, cutting my teeth on iGaming events and ever-so-gracefully making a full-time transition to the blockchain tech arena.

While the iGaming industry has a manageable number of events per year and most—if not all of them—of a high quality and clear purpose, I, unfortunately, cannot say the same for blockchain-related events.

To me, events in the blockchain sphere can be difficult to navigate, likely due to the perceived amount of money and hype in this space. My LinkedIn mailbox is full of invites to blockchain, digital currency, NFT, and Web3 events taking place worldwide, day after day.

With so many blockchain events to choose from, how can one determine which blockchain-related events are worth our time and which we should skip? Which ones are actually going to educate us on real-world utility vs. those disguised with hype, buzzwords, and “get rich quick” schemes?

This is not an easy question to answer, and as a result, plenty of professionals are turned off by the whole space in general…but what if there was an event dedicated to how blockchain technology can impact lives from a real-world solutions perspective?

This is the exact mission of the London Blockchain Conference (LBC), with a particular focus on educating enterprise-level professionals, governments, and regulators. While agnostic in nature, the LBC will highlight the utility of a massively scalable public blockchain through a series of keynotes, panels, and presentations on two stages across three days.

One stage will have a technical focus for those interested in developing and building on the blockchain, and the other will have a business focus, where I plan to spend most of my time. The subject matter of each panel and presentation on the business stage has been designed to appeal to professionals from any industry, hitting pain points we all face in business and explaining how blockchain-powered tech can help solve them.

I genuinely think you will be impressed by the caliber of speakers, ranging from inspirational presenters to blockchain specialists to C-level professionals who are still learning how blockchain tech will support their business goals.

In addition to absorbing as much information as I can across the three days, I’ll be moderating two panels on the business stage, a “Future of Blockchain Tokens” panel on the first day and a “Trust Economy” panel on the second day and conducting interviews—both live and recorded— with key speakers, sponsors, and attendees. I cannot wait for these opportunities, and I invite you to join me on this journey!

The conference is free to attend, both in-person and virtually, including access to an expo floor that will be packed with blockchain-powered businesses on display, such as SmartLedgerTokenized, and Centi, to name a few. As always, the networking opportunities will be second to none, with access to the brightest minds in blockchain and enterprise leaders, all looking to discuss blockchain as a tech-for-good and with no interest in pushing get-rich-quick schemes.

To join me at LBC, simply register online and clear your schedule for May 31 – June 2. Hopefully, you can attend in person at the QE II Center in Westminster, and you will surely walk away with a wealth of knowledge and inspiration.

Watch: London Blockchain Conference 2023 brings government enterprise onto the blockchain

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