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‘Women of BSV’ group joins BSV Roundtable on YouTube

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Did you know there is a Twetch group named “Women of BSV” comprised of female leaders in the digital currency and blockchain space? There is, and you should listen to what they have to say. SirToshi recently joined Shem Booth-Spain on his BSV Channel on YouTube to interview the group on how they started, as well as the mass adoption of BSV and how to best get the right message out.

Joining the BSV Roundtable were Diddy Wheldon, River, Casey Hamilton, Rory Zimmerman, Dr. Eva Porras, Ruth Heasman, and Meike Krautscheid.

Wheldon collaborated with other like-minded women leaders of the industry and organized the talk to discuss the shared vision of helping others, especially women. Introducing herself, Diddy described her initial involvement with the BSV community as “more of a lurker” who later became a “real person” in the digital currency sector after attending the CoinGeek London Conference. Diddy met River and other Bitcoin enthusiasts who helped her tap into this space.

Casey Hamilton of Be the Broadcast mentioned that she began her journey with ETH, but abandoned it after an acquaintance told her about the BSV protocol. She described BSV as the “most liberating technology” and shared how she remotely helps people set up accounts on BSV platforms, such as Relica, Twetch, etc. “I help everyone, but I offer my services free of cost to single mothers. I log in to their computers through TeamViewer and set up their accounts so they can earn BSV.”

Dr. Eva Porras, an honorary research collaborator at University Rey Juan Carlos, noted that she discovered Satoshi Nakamoto’s Bitcoin protocol in 2015 and immediately fell in love with it. Her primary focus is on business applications in lieu of price fluctuations of the coin.

Ruth Heasman came across BSV in 2018 and, shortly after that, began investing in it. On the live video session, she announced that a website will launch later this year that will be open for all to contribute to the BSV space.

Meike Krautscheid stated that there is a lot of male energy in this sector, so it is great to have a unique perspective from women. River, a constant supporter and promotor of BSV, insisted people not engage in negative trolling on social media.

Speaking about the possibility that some countries are leaning toward developing currencies on the BSV protocol, Heasman cited that many will witness failures before realizing that BSV is the way to go. Comparing BSV to the Internet, Krautscheid pointed out that it took time for the masses to adopt the latter. Applauding the way the BSV community operates in unison, Dr. Porras noted that it is difficult to find a similar collaborative environment in the academic and business communities.

The panel also spoke about the resistance of their family and friends toward BSV and how it often gets compared to BTC or ETH because they are popular. Citing the example of Facebook, River pointed out that people were initially reluctant to join Zuckerberg’s platform. “The BSV community might eventually flourish just like Facebook. So we need not be aggressive and should keep encouraging others to be a part of this community,” she said.

In summary, Krautscheid insisted that people get into this space now and not later. Hamilton added, “right now is the accumulation time…it is not yet too late to be a part of the movement.”

Wheldon expressed the desire for everyone, including SirToshi, to organize more sessions, and encourage inventors worldwide to pay attention to micropayments, quoting them as “a significant part of your business.”

Ruth said the women’s group represents the non-intimidating phase of BSV, and Dr. Porras remarked in her educational style, predicting that BSV will change the functioning of society as the Internet did.

You can contact “Women of BSV” by email at [email protected]

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