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Why do they spend so much effort attacking a scam?

Another day, yet another hit piece was written against the supposed altcoin and scam blockchain known as Bitcoin Satoshi’s Vision. Since being ranked 63rd in market capitalization (as of writing) on CoinMarketCap is apparently not enough to simply dismiss the ‘fork of a fork of Bitcoin,’ BTC proponent Jameson Lopp felt the need to write a hit piece against the blockchains attempts to scale and its node software laden with ad hominems and misunderstandings of how the network is designed to function.

The purpose of this article is not to debunk Lopp’s claims and “research” but to question why these attempts and slandering BSV continue. Xiaohui Liu of sCrypt also wrote a piece here focusing on the technical and objective arguments, instead of the philosophical differences, which can be subjective.

I thought the market had already decided that BTC, being worth tens of thousands of dollars, perpetually ranked 1st on CMC, and with its increasing institutional adoption as digital gold, an inflation hedge and a decoupled asset class has proven its victory over the competing blockchains?

One community member said to me about this situation:

“Imagine a Harvard graduate taking the time to do research on, write an article slandering a graduate of DeVry University.”

The day BSV stops suffering these types of attacks is the day it fails.

As Bitcoin SV continues to process the majority of transactions across all blockchains, averaging nearly 1 million transactions per day in the last year, and regularly mining gigabyte blocks, the naysayers will continue to make the same tired arguments on how its spam, and fake and not real transactions.

Pie chart of BSV daily transactions
Source: Bitinfocharts

Lopp is only the latest guilty party in promoting negativity around BSV. As of early 2022 we must remember that we have individuals who have been doing this on a regular basis for years.


These people who are likely paid salaries to full-time FUD BSV, spend all day on Twitter, Telegram, Reddit and elsewhere to spread insults, lies, sow dissent and continuously argue with the coin’s supporters.

Imagine arguing with someone who is paid to argue with you.

Are these people trying to bring justice about, to stop the alleged criminal and fraud, Craig Wright, from scamming his supporters into his scheme?

In the recent jury trial on whether Craig Wright and the deceased David Kleiman had a partnership, why didn’t criminal charges against Wright result from all the supposed fraud and lies found throughout the case?

Where were these keyboard justice warriors during the actual BitConnect scam?

Where are these people with their dire warnings when it comes to the BTC influencers that are paid to promote actual scams?

As the price (the primary benchmark ‘crypto’ enthusiasts use to evaluate blockchain’s validity) ratio between BSV and BTC continues to hit all-time lows, why do they continue the negativity?

One reason exists why this occurs, and the reason is that Bitcoin scales as Satoshi envisioned. As the network continues to increase its volume through applications and increasing demand, this is becoming fact. While scaling may not happen the way other people believe it should, it is happening regardless.

The entire justification for other blockchain’s existence is that Bitcoin as originally designed cannot scale, but it can and is. This is the reason the incessant attacks continue.

“They ain’t seen nothin’ yet.”

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