Joshua Henslee explaining why Bitfinex Delists BSV

Why did Bitfinex delist BSV? Joshua Henslee explains the situation

YouTube video

Digital currency exchange Bitfinex recently delisted BSV. Joshua Henslee breaks down what happened and the implications in his latest YouTube video.

The Bitfinex delisting is a good thing

“Honestly, it really is a good thing,” Henslee says about the Bitfinex BSV delisting. We need price discovery, and there isn’t true price discovery, while a money printer (Tether) can manipulate coin prices. 

Henslee has pointed out before that prices follow Tether prints, and since Bitfinex is associated with Tether (both are owned by parent company iFinex), it’s better not to have BSV associated with such a shady operation. Likewise, it’s positive that BSV remains on exchanges that want to trade it.

Henslee points to Paolo Ardoino, Tether’s CTO, trolling on Twitter about the BSV delisting and thinking it’s funny. They don’t react like this when any other coin gets delisted, showing how deeply irrational their dislike of BSV goes. Also, in reality, Dr. Wright is likely happy that this delisting happened.

This all looks so silly and absurd, Henslee says. They are listing garbage and delisting utility coins like BSV, highlighting the absurdity and pointlessness of centralized exchanges. In Henslee’s view, they’re disconnected from reality in a big way. He laughs at their objections that BSV has only two nodes, isn’t decentralized, and the other complaints they make about it in the face of its technical superiority.

Henslee echoes Jack Pitts’ sentiment that it should be a privilege for BSV to trade on an exchange, and it’s going to become obvious moving forward that none of these companies are serious, and few of them have any real future.

Key takeaways from this Joshua Henslee video:

  • Henslee concludes that it’s a good thing BSV was delisted from Bitfinex. This exchange is shady, and it’s best not to be associated with it in any way, shape, or form.
  • Paolo Ardoino thinks this damages BSV and hurts Dr. Craig Wright, but in reality, it helps BSV distance itself from the toxic brand of ‘crypto’ and helps it achieve real price discovery.
  • The whole episode is absurd, highlighting just how shady the digital currency industry is and that none of these exchanges can be taken seriously. They delist BSV, one of the only tokens associated with utility blockchains, while listing scam tokens of all kinds. They have no scruples and no future.

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