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What is the Sentinel Node?

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A cyber-attack happens every 39 seconds; 43% of these attacks target small businesses. Cybercrime costs the global economy $6 trillion annually, projected to surge to $10.5 trillion by 2025. Only 5% of a company’s files and folders are properly protected from hackers. All these statistics put into perspective just how critical cybersecurity is.

While attacks spike globally, IBM found that it takes an average of 212 days for a victim to detect a cyber-attack. It then takes the victim another 75 days to contain it. And while cybersecurity has evolved by leaps and bounds in mitigating attacks, detection has yet to catch up. SmartLedger has the solution, and with Sentinel Node, attack detection is over 4,000x faster.

What is Sentinel Node?

Sentinel Node is a cybersecurity detection assurance tool with the Certihash blockchain-powered full suite of cybersecurity tools. It provides instant file integrity and monitors any changes in network anomalies and events. 

For each file entry on the network, Sentinel Node creates a chain of hashes, protecting the data integrity of all the data on the network. It records all the hashes on the BSV public blockchain network for transparency, security, and audibility. 

When a criminal attempts to attack a network, Sentinel Node instantly picks out the hash break and immediately alerts the administrator. This reduces the detection time to minutes, sometimes seconds.

Currently, existing tools take over two hours between log capture transfer and alerting the administrators. Sentinel Node is 720x faster at critical log detection, 1,400x faster at advanced log detection, and over 4,000 times more rapid at standard log detection.

Sentinel Node records all data on the immutable and secure BSV blockchain. This reduces costs and attack vectors as no third party is involved, and no data needs to be transferred. It also offers native data privacy and protection features and simplifies operations with its single pane of glass monitoring. It also works with almost every other network, security, and IoT ecosystem of products.

Sentinel Node is yet another next-generation product that could only be possible on the BSV blockchain. BSV’s immutability is a crucial consideration for the product as it ensures attackers can’t alter any data recorded on the network to cover their tracks. For well over a decade, the BSV blockchain has remained immutable.

BSV also scales unbounded and is the only enterprise-ready blockchain today. This allows any enterprise using Sentinel Node to record all its data on-chain, and with its stable protocol, enterprises can build with long-term certainty. BSV also has the lowest fees of any blockchain network, allowing Sentinel Node users to record all their data on-chain at a fraction of the cost they would incur with other networks. 

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