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Blockchain Hustlers series launches showcasing BSV entrepreneurs and their products

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Many developers and blockchain entrepreneurs already know that Bitcoin SV is the most powerful blockchain in the game.

Now, to help boost that understanding further, the BSV Blockchain Association is piloting a series called Blockchain Hustlers.

The first episode went live on October 27 and featured BSV entrepreneurs Bryan Daugherty and Gregory Ward from SmartLedger. They showcased their product Certihash and breach detection tool Sentinel Node.

Breaking down this episode of Blockchain Hustlers

Brain Daugherty explains how they created Certihash to help enterprises mitigate data breaches that occur daily. He explains that the average detection time for a network breach is 212 days, which they find unacceptable.

Certihash provides resilient infrastructure that allows for real-time notification when potential events occur on networks. It lowers the timeframe in which a hacker could steal files or do damage, allowing network admins to respond instantly. Daugherty emphasizes that these organizations could be hospitals, schools, or other critical institutions.

Daugherty explains that the BSV blockchain has a “particular set of capabilities…that other blockchains have not been able to provide.” This includes scaling potential and micropayments, as well as the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of records to be distributed on a public blockchain.

After Dauugherty’s excellent explanation, Greg Ward gives a live demonstration of how Sentinel Node and Certihash work, showcasing how user-friendly this product is.

What is ‘Bitcoin Hustlers’ all about?

The series is designed to raise awareness about BSV’s capabilities and powers. A growing list of applications showcases that no other blockchain can match its technical capabilities. However, there are still plenty of others out there building on dead-end blockchains like Ethereum and Solana.

The series is designed to reach builders on other chains and anyone else thinking of building something on a blockchain. It will show what existing BSV entrepreneurs are doing and showcase BSV’s unrivaled technical capabilities.

Future episodes of Blockchain Hustlers

The October 27 episode was the pilot episode. Future installments, which will be released bi-weekly, will feature the following Bitcoin entrepreneurs and projects.

  • Minta – A social commerce platform where users own their digital assets and information developed by Gate2Chain
  • TrueWorld – This platform monitors environmental indicators in real-time, developed by Gate2Chain
  • Signavera – This is a multi-signature wallet developed by Elas
  • 2Way Trucks – A supply chain tool designed for the construction industry developed by Elas
  • My2Cents – A social media platform developed by Vaionex
  • Relysia – This is the wallet infrastructure underpinning apps like my2cents, musicart, and a dozen other apps
  • TicketMint – A ticket minting platform designed to solve ticket fraud and gauging developed by SmartLedger

The BSV ecosystem continues to grow. Blockchain Hustlers will raise more awareness

As developers and entrepreneurs realize that building on other blockchains is futile if you wish to scale to an enterprise level, more and more are moving to the only blockchain that scales today—the original protocol, Bitcoin SV.

As more people realize what FYX gaming CEO Adam Kling did long ago and move from other blockchains to BSV, the on-chain transaction count continues to climb steadily.

On average, BSV processes 3-4 million transactions daily, and that’s just warming up. During testing, Certihash put 1.5 million transactions on the blockchain in a single hour, showcasing BSV’s superior scaling capabilities for all to see.

Hopefully, Blockchain Hustlers will cause yet more blockchain entrepreneurs to realize what should have been obvious to everyone long ago: the original Bitcoin was all we ever needed, and it’s still technically superior to every other blockchain out there. We look forward to updating you as more episodes go live!

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YouTube video

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