What I am excited about for CoinGeek New York 2021

What I am excited about for CoinGeek New York 2021

As a builder and consumer of many BSV applications in the space I am quite tired of the #soon meme that has portrayed the space since the last CoinGeek conference in New York almost one year ago. As many others, I was quite frustrated with the complete lack of product launches and more announcements of announcements.

Could I be duped again?

Seemingly in this conference there appears to be several imminent (notice the word choice) actual product launches. In this article I will discuss the speakers and applications I am most excited about, and what positive impacts they can make in the space.

As one with an actual enterprise background, as I saw the futility of pushing Bitcoin as an enterprise solution, I decided to leave that job and go on my own as an application developer. As such, I have felt that the driver towards adoption would be consumer applications, namely games that would have the most significant initial impact in terms of adoption. To be clear, I do think BSV enables valid enterprise use cases, but we are far too early from that becoming a reality.

Thus far, I have been proven right:

What I am excited about for CoinGeek New York 2021
Source: BSVData

iGaming applications continue to dominate usage of the ledger so far—I touched on this in one in my #Bitpost30 articles on the recent TokenSwap launch.

The potential launch I am most excited about is the Haste Arcade and SDK. Haste Arcade has only been around since January of 2021 yet has made a significant impact. In October an SDK will be available for developers to integrate the ILP (Instant Leaderboard Payout) in games, so that anyone can potentially create a viral game that pays hundreds of users in real time. Additionally, developers and players will be able to earn $HST tokens, which are backed by 10% of all Haste revenue for the next five years. Technical Co-Founder of Haste, Eric LaForce, is speaking Day 1, on the Online Games: Next Level on the BSV Blockchain.

What I am excited about for CoinGeek New York 2021

Speaking on the same panel is Jackson Laskey, co-founder of Unbounded Enterprise who is behind the next potential launch, DuroDogs. I have written about my excitement before of this application as if executed properly, has the virality chance of CryptoKitties but would scale. Could we see two product launches on the same panel?! I sure hope so.

Notably, Haste and DuroDogs both implement the RUN protocol for their tokens and digital pets respectively. HandCash will be the wallet of choice for Duro Dogs who is represented on the panel by developer Brandon Bryant. Strategic Advisor Taylor Searle from Built By Gamers has also signaled their RUN support at the recent BSV Blockchain Conference in Miami event.

The fact that they are all speaking on the same panel is very interesting.

What I am excited about for CoinGeek New York 2021

Recently I have become a complete MetaID/Show App shill, even changing my Twitter profile picture to be my MetaBot NFT. Founder of ShowPay, Sunny Fung, is speaking on Day 2 about MetaID, the extension of the MetaNet protocol that has enabled their dominance of the space over the summer of 2021. The MetaCoin token has by far been the primary reason for the continuous giant blocks, and is showing no signs of slowing down. Could Mr. Fung have an announcement about another use case of MetaCoin? We shall find out.

Lastly, a very profound individual Jeffery Baek, co-founder of Peer company (also Peergame), is presenting on Day 2 about The Path to BitCoin Adoption: How to Turn the Entire Web into Bitcoin Apps. Jeff has a very contrarian and pure outlook on how Bitcoin alters the status quo of web site implementations. He is not very public, but when he does write or speak, I read and listen. I am looking forward to his presentation as it is sure to rouse folks’ minds.

Unlike the previous two CoinGeek conferences which were devoid of launches and more #soon promises, I do think this one could generate some hype as the soons have already been announced and the conference stage is the best time to make a splash.

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