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What are open protocols and what do they enable?

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On Episode 21 of the CoinGeek Weekly Livestream S4, the scheduled guest was Ryan Hawkos from VX Technologies.

However, due to technical difficulties, Wuckert decided to run an AMA and have Hawkos back another time. Such is the nature of live broadcasting! Check out the informative AMA via the link below.

Open protocols and what they enable

Wuckert kicks things off by reminding viewers to read his latest article Open Protocols Manifested. In it, he discusses the closure of Twetch and some of the exciting apps of yesteryear. He was a big fan of Twetch, but even good things must come to an end.

That said, Wuckert points out that all Twetch posts are compatible with the Magic Attribute Protocol (MAP). He warns that the website hasn’t been updated in a while but suggests we check out MAP.SV.

The larger point is that everything on Bitcoin can be universal. We can export Twtech keys and link them to our wallets, and if someone builds a compatible client, we can get back our Twonks and everything else. With open protocols, which is what the post is about, we can resurrect everything.

Ryan Hawkos will be back

After a brief conversation about how Hawkos hooked up with VX Technologies and what they’re working on, including the education credentials project in Nigeria and much more, there were some technical difficulties, seemingly due to Wifi.

Wuckert decides to change the format to an AMA and have Hawkos back later. They have a lot to talk about, so it’s important the connection is good and viewers can understand everything.

Are we gonna make it?

Wuckert thinks if we can survive the latest happenings around Dr. Craig Wright, we can survive anything. Wright and Ayre aren’t here to make people rich, he reminds us, and they never promised they would.

BSV is much bigger than any of the characters who have been at the forefront so far. It’s all about the global distributed database, and if BSV fails, they’ll all fail, Wuckert believes.

How is Teranode testing going?

Wuckert is aware that they were testing three nodes in three data centers. After someone pointed out that Gartner likes to see six node tests, they did one, and it ran for weeks without problems.

Teranode isn’t up and running 24/7, as it is still being tested. So far, there have been over a trillion transactions, showcasing the massive potential of the BSV network and big blocks.

Wuckert again reiterates his stance on bigger blocks. He understands the small blocker thinking, but he doesn’t agree. It’s all about creating a network with massive throughput so entrepreneurs can build disruptive businesses.

Whoever delivers what most people want in the long run will win, he says. However, he isn’t sure yet how it will all shake out. That’s what markets are built to decide.

Where is BSV compared to other chains in terms of transactions per second?

Sites and apps that track blockchain metrics often exclude BSV for political reasons. Transactions per second (TPS) are one way to measure things, but other metrics like settlement times also matter. Perception is reality to a large extent, and that goes for Solana, Hedera Hashgraph and BSV, too.

Ultimately, as things stand, BSV is capable of doing 10,000 TPS in ideal conditions. With optimization or when Teranode is released, 500,000 TPS seems easily doable. That’s orders of magnitude faster than any other chain.

What is Wuckert excited about after the London Blockchain Conference?

This year, Wuckert did not spend a lot of time watching presentations. However, he does have a lot of respect for the Project Babbage and sCrypt teams and what they are trying to accomplish.

What excited him most was all the VCs and investors who talked to him. They want to be primary investors in firms where Ayre Ventures isn’t yet involved. That suggests there’s a lot of potential funding for BSV seed and pre-seed projects, and the perception that BSV is Ayre’s chain will perhaps fade away.

Tune into the live stream via this link to hear more about Solana’s technical limits, Bitcoin schema and interoperability, and how the lawsuit about the delisting of BSV is going.

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