WeatherSV’s Paul Chiari on how a simple app is impacting lives

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WeatherSV is one of the most popular decentralized applications in the world. Founder Paul Chiari was at the CoinGeek Seoul Conference, and shared with CoinGeek’s Stephanie Tower the impact WeatherSV has had on the future of decentralized applications.

Chiari explained what WeatherSV is, describing it as “a fairly simple concept that we developed around some other ideas, just starting to test the application of putting data on-chain, indexing it and utilizing it.”

The platform was launched in April, and since then, it has grown to become one of the largest transactions generator in the Bitcoin ecosystem. It has grown rapidly to over 5,000 active channels around the world, processing over 100,000 transactions a day. WeatherSV allows its users to record, index, store and utilize data on the BSV blockchain in a seamless manner. It includes such data as temperature, humidity, air pressure, precipitation and more.

Chiari revealed just how expansive the platform’s reach is, saying, “It’s everywhere around the world. We have over 5,000 activated channels now, in all continents. I think at the moment, most are in the U.S., China is close behind and then the other countries follow suit.”

While Chiari was optimistic that on-chain data was the future, he didn’t expect WeatherSV to be this popular, he admitted. His team was just experimenting on how to best use the massively scalable Bitcoin SV blockchain to store data.

Data from WeatherSV has had a bigger impact than many would have anticipated. With each passing day, more data is recorded on the Bitcoin blockchain using WeatherSV, giving it more value every day. Chiari summed it up, “Obviously the period of time on which we can look back is crucial. The more historical data you have, then the more useful it is in a lot of applications.”

On which industries the WeatherSV data is applicable, Chiari explained:

“Energy, and the utilization of energy; the oil and gas industries; agriculture, the list goes on. Weather is important to everybody in one way or another and has a big impact on things like transport, insurance and more.”

YouTube video

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