WeAreDevelopers World Congress 2022

WeAreDevelopers World Congress: ‘People want a blockchain network that works’

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The WeAreDevelopers World Congress was a smashing success, with over 10,000 developers from 4,000 companies making their way to Berlin for the two-day event. Bitcoin SV (BSV) was well represented by a contingent that educated hundreds of developers about Satoshi’s vision.

For many developers, this was the first time they had someone talk to them about Bitcoin beyond speculative trading, and they were keen to learn about how they can integrate BSV into their systems and applications, Kurt noted.

“We talked to developers from all over the world and explained to them the power of adding the BSV blockchain to their development stack, to their business, and people were very excited. People were shocked at how much more scalable BSV is than Ethereum and, in many ways, more powerful,” CoinGeek’s Kurt Wuckert Jr. summarized the event.

Mihael Sinkec, a software engineer at sCrypt, was at the event, where he gave a presentation and interacted with hundreds of developers. As he told Kurt, he was “pleasantly surprised at the questions I got.” He added that most of the people he talked to were amazed at the impact of integrating the infinitely scaling BSV on their business.

Jad Wahab had a similar experience at the event. The BSV Blockchain Association’s Director of Engineering was surprised at how big the event was.

“It was really good to see many big names and so many high-quality developers,” said Wahab.

He gave a few presentations at the event, filling the room each time as developers gathered to learn about Bitcoin. He delved into BSV’s scaling, the LiteClient, why it matters, and more.

For Wahab, the biggest surprise was how little developers care about the politics of Bitcoin.

“People are tired of this stuff [Bitcoin politics]. They just want a network that works,” he told Kurt.

The Bitcoin world has also changed a lot over the past few years. At an event like the World Congress a few years ago, presenters were only talking about what Bitcoin can do and their aspirations for the future. However, they are now talking about tangible proof that Bitcoin works, Wahab added, a sentiment many others have reiterated.

Aside from interviewing attendees and educating them about Satoshi’s vision, Kurt was also part of a panel at the event, giving his thoughts on BSV and why BTC and BCH aren’t Bitcoin.

“Bitcoin is a very strict and fixed protocol…Everything that has ever existed in the crypto economy really could have been done in 2009 on the original protocol without any soft forks or hard forks or any of the other nonsense,” he told the attendees.

In another presentation, he defined BSV to the audience as “an implementation of Bitcoin the way that Satoshi Nakamoto originally implemented it. Everybody else has tried to reengineer the system under the assumption that Satoshi was wrong. We’re the only blockchain that said, ‘let’s see if he’s right.'”

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