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‘We have a shared dream to improve lives,’ Giovanni Franzese tells CoinGeek TV

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After over two decades in the enterprise world working with global giants like Ericsson and Oracle, Giovanni Franzese is diving full-time into blockchain technology. He joined nChain recently, and as he told CoinGeek TV, the company has a shared dream of improving lives through blockchain technology.

Franzese spent 23 years at Ericsson, the Swedish telecommunications and networking giant, where he most recently headed blockchain business development—now he is an executive partner at nChain.

nChain has a shared dream that transcends technology, Franzese said.

“It’s about moving humanity to better things…it’s a dream that goes beyond the tech.”

At the London Blockchain Conference, Franzese delivered a keynote presentation on the perils, promises, and success case patterns of enterprise blockchain. As he shared with CoinGeek TV, pushing for blockchain adoption in an enterprise as big as Ericsson (over 100,000 employees) is no mean task.

Giovanni Franzese on LBC stage

When he started at the Swedish company, enterprise blockchain was in its infancy. He, however, was convinced of its potential and worked with a small but dedicated team to make Ericsson a leader in the field.

At such a big enterprise, implementing new technology must be accompanied by well-planned change management.

“Big corporates are affected by some bit of politics. When you introduce a disruptive technology like blockchain, you risk eliminating some existing tools, and behind them are people whose jobs could become redundant,” noted Franzese.

As an executive partner at nChain, Franzese will work to expand the company’s reach in the corporate world.

To achieve this, he believes the experts at nChain and elsewhere must make blockchain as simple and easy to use as possible.

“We need to explain the benefits, and how blockchain can be useful in realizing new ideas,” he said.

CoinGeek Conversations with Giovanni Franzese: It’s time for corporates to turn to public blockchain solutions

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