VXPass tackles healthcare and blockchain with Dr. Chris Gibbons in ‘Meet the Future’ webinar

VXPass recently held its first webinar of the year, titled “Meet the Future: Blockchain is ready for Healthcare.”

The VXPass team—founder and CEO Zachary Weiner, international director Justin Pauly, and USA organizer Andy Chalonec—were joined by the Dr. Chris Gibbons, the founder of the Greystone Group, Assistant Professor John Hopkins Medicine, Visiting Professor Duke University, and Chief Medical Director at the FCC. 

The VXPass team and Dr. Gibbons explored a range of topics related to technological innovation in healthcare and how it can be used to increase efficiency across the board.

“There are a few different types of innovation,” said Dr. Gibbons. “There are types of innovation that allow us to do something better than it was being done before, and then there are types of innovation that have a broader impact on the world beyond the things they were meant to impact–and that’s called disruption.”

Dr. Gibbons went on to talk about innovations that he has seen in the healthcare industry over the years, such as the introduction of the cloud, blockchain technology, and new software. He explained how these innovations offloaded some of the duties typically carried out by a physician to a computer and how that has freed up physicians to spend their time and resources in other areas that need their attention. 

Dr. Gibbons and the VXpass team also discussed the value of having all data in one place versus having it distributed like it is today, the benefits that wearables (like a Fitbit), smart homes, and IoT devices can bring to healthcare, exploring why change is important and why implementing innovative and disruptive technologies allows a business to have a longer lifespan.

“Big businesses don’t live forever,” said Dr. Gibbons, “some live for hundreds of years, but none of them really live forever.”

This is because most big businesses are reluctant when it comes to making changes for the better, according to Dr. Gibbons. He said he’s had conversations where the business he is talking to understands that the innovation they are discussing is optimal, yet, refuses to change its ways.

However, Dr. Gibbons said that no one—healthcare providers included—wants to be an outlier. As more and more businesses implement innovative and disruptive technologies like VXPass, other participants in the sector are going to have to implement or consider implementing those same solutions themselves; otherwise, they are going to get left behind by the enterprises that are on the cutting edge of innovation.

More events to come

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