Dr. Chris Gibbons joins VXPass for ‘Meet the Future: Blockchain is ready for Healthcare’

Blockchain and healthcare—we often hear discussions about how blockchain technology can be used in the healthcare industry to streamline information from one healthcare provider to another and empower the patient, all while keeping customer data secure, yet easy to access, on a blockchain.

VXPass is one of the latest companies to emerge in the healthcare space, and they are using the Bitcoin blockchain to optimize a section of the industry—vaccination verification.

The problem that VXPass and its founder Zachary Weiner have set out to solve comes at a crucial time because coronavirus vaccine distribution is a hot topic. Recently, Weiner presented at the Bitcoin Association Bitcoin SV Virtual Meetup – The Americas to provide more insight into the VXPass solution.

“VXPASS replaces the paper cards with a digitally verified, patient-owned, blockchain secured record. It’s the only blockchain verified record that starts at the point of injection,” Weiner said. “The blockchain is creating opportunities across more business sectors than just: finance. Now we’ve proven, it’s ready for healthcare.”

On March 18, Weiner and Dr. Chris Gibbons will be taking an even closer look at the intersection of the blockchain and healthcare industry in the meetup that VXPass will be hosting, titled “Meet The Future: Blockchain is ready for Healthcare,” which you can sign up for here.

What to expect?

Dr. Gibbons and Weiner will be discussing how the consumer medical experience is changing and benefitting from the advances in 21st century medicine, such as the implementation of blockchain technology across the healthcare industry. Dr. Gibbons is the founder of the Greystone Group, Assistant Professor John Hopkins Medicine, Visiting Professor Duke University, and Chief Medical Director at the FCC.

“We will be discussing the convergence of freshly minted digital technology and how that can be applied to global health initiatives to bring focus and adaptable solutions to both underserved and mainstream health care requirements in regards to COVID response,” Weiner tells us.

“[The audience will learn more about] technology [that] can help us vaccinate more patients faster, prevent the birth of vaccine-resistant strains, and use identity-free data on the public ledger to create a targeted approach for social virus suppression, without broad, devastating, shutdowns.”

Everyone is encouraged to attend the VXPass webinar, especially “medical professionals, blockchain enthusiasts , policy makers, healthcare economists, people who like a future where they have unfettered access to their own vaccination records, anyone interested in verifying the numbers of COVID vaccinations, underserved community members, concerned citizens, NGO staff or donors, any and all involved with COVID response,” according to Weiner.

Blockchain implementations in healthcare

When asked how he would like to see blockchain used in healthcare in the near and far future, Weiner said, “In the immediate future; we need to verify first and foremost that what governmental organizations are paying for is being used correctly & that data is patient owned but verifiable. Additionally, protocol outcomes must be recorded and available to the public.” 

He added, “One of the more obvious examples is that the global economy needs a scalable system to track the patient’s vaccination records against new strains and set the benchmark for a secure and operable health visa.”

The use of blockchain technology in the healthcare industry is often discussed in the Bitcoin ecosystem. The Bitcoin SV blockchain is one of the only blockchains that can scale to meet the demands of health care businesses that generate and transfer massive amounts of data per day. 

The “Meet The Future: Blockchain is ready for Healthcare” meetup will be a great opportunity to learn more about the intersection of the healthcare industry and blockchain technology and will be a great place to ask any questions you might have about either industry.

That being said, it is an event that you will not want to miss! You can learn more about the “Meet The Future: Blockchain is ready for Healthcare” meetup as well as sign up to attend the meetup here.

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