Victoria Mulgannon: Discovering Bitcoin as a business owner

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When the leaders of the Bitcoin world recently visited Bogota, Colombia, they got to meet with plenty of business owners who are discovering Bitcoin SV (BSV) in their own way. Victoria Mulgannon, one of the managing partners of the Revellion Cultu-Bar, was one of the perfect examples of that type of newcomer, and CoinGeek’s Becky Liggero spoke with her about her journey.

Revellion has been accepting Bitcoin for a little while now, and more than that, helping to bring the Colombian BSV community together by hosting meetups. “Well I’ve had a really interesting opportunity in the last year of meeting a gentleman named Boris [Javier Barrera] who runs a company called Bitek,” she explained. “And we’ve had three Bitcoin meetups. He approached us and said, ‘You know, I need a space that will accept Bitcoin,’ with their small companies, and that they could meet each other and discuss the evolution of the currency.”

Most important for Mulgannon and her company though has been the profitable nature of joining the BSV community. “It’s brought us new clients, new clientele, of course new income in a really interesting way,” she said. “And I’ve had a lot of fun learning about it. It’s brought me into this world. I read about it a lot. And now I have different clients from different areas that are making a lot of money in the cryptocurrency world in different aspects. And so it’s been really fun.”

In an interesting note to other businesses considering adopting BSV, Mulgannon notes that adding it as a payment option was painless. Boris came, we have a PoS [Point of Sale] system, it’s pretty common, it’s not the latest and greatest, and still he was able to immediately install the system,” she told Liggero. “We’ve had no problems, my partners are really happy. It’s a really interesting space to learn about and to be close to you guys.”

Mulgannon explained to Liggero that exploring innovative new technologies like BSV was a perfect fit to the theme of her bar. “Our restauration is called Revellion, so we’re rebels,” she noted. “We’re doing something in a different part of town. We’re in downtown Bogota, the people didn’t necessarily believe in as being the wave of new nightclubs or restaurants. So we, my two partners and I, have the spirit of doing things differently. And so when Boris came, it was a natural fit for us, like, yeah, we’re interested in trying out new things.”

Revellion isn’t just another bar or club though, it specifically adheres to the retro punk aesthetic of Jules Verne. “It celebrates steam technology and the aesthetic of how things would look today if they were imagined by the people when we first had electricity through steam,” Mulgannon explains. “So it’s the same kind of personality, the people that are imagining the future and what we can do in the future with this new currency. It’s been very good for us. We’ve had three Bitcoin meetups and it’s been fantastic.”

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