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Post-Quasar London BSV Meetup explores evolutions in Bitcoin SV

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Following the success of the recent Quasar upgrade, scientists and researchers gathered in London for the London BSV Meetup.

The event, which aims to brief Bitcoin SV (BSV) developers on the latest research and development work on BSV, brings together some of the leading voices on Bitcoin SV, including keynote speakers Alex Mackay, Joe Dalais and Steve Shadders of nChain.

Alex Mackay, a researcher at nChain, presented on “Miner ID and the Future of Mining.” He told delegates that nChain already has a proof-of-concept for the Miner ID model, though this was not yet ready for public demonstration.

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According to Mackay, Miner ID would become increasingly central, with users requiring some mechanism for identifying and interacting with miners.

“As we scale BSV and blocks get bigger, there will be a shift in the ratio of fees miners incur — from block rewards to transaction fees. Sometime in the future, mining subsidies will run out, and miners will have to support themselves through mining fees,” he explained. “Miners at the gatekeepers to some valuable blockchain data. We need to develop the tools so they can create more revenue streams from that data.”

Joe Dalais presented on Metanet identity, explaining: “When you have identity on-chain, you can interact a hell of a lot more with the rest of the globe – and businesses can interact with you…When you start attaching your identity to transactions, it becomes a lot more powerful.”

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Giving the example of a product refund, Dalais said a sale receipt stored on-chain and linked to an individual identity would provide certainty for retailers over the legitimacy of returns.

While at the moment, retailers require physical receipts, or even the presentation of the purchasing credit or debit card, “in a Bitcoin world, all they need is your alias.”

Meanwhile, Steve Shadders, CTO at nChain, discussed the Quasar upgrade, which he said activated smoothly, with no reports of service degradation.

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Shadders said the Quasar upgrade “represents a shift in the way bitcoin governance works,” moving more of the emphasis from developers to miners.

While he noted that the upgrade to a 2GB block size was four times the originally envisaged size, he suggested the block limit would allow essential flexibility for developers, and particularly for increasing storage capacity on the BSV blockchain, saying:

Bitcoin caps aren’t meant to be there at all, and if they are, they aren’t meant to be hit.

The July event follows on from previous meetups, designed to encourage developers to be more ambitious in their BSV projects, while informing of the latest upgrades to the BSV protocol.

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