ViaBTC changes course on BSV

ViaBTC changes course on BSV

The recent improvement in Bitcoin SV (BSV) is causing many entities to reconsider their position on the cryptocurrency. BSV was the biggest gainer in May, jumping more than 250%, and the crypto community is taking notice. A recent announcement by the ViaBTC mining pool demonstrates a return to reality by many organizations, as they come to grips with the fact that BSV has been more solid than the naysayers tried to make everyone believe with their uneducated guesses.

According to a tweet by ViaBTC’s Haipo Yang from yesterday,” We [received] some demand on mining BSV. We will list BSV on ViaBTC mining pool soon.” And, just like that, BSV increases its foundation.

His comments were met with a lot of support. “Satoshi’s Disciple” responded, “Exactly, if you ignore your customers you will end up losing them to another competitor.” Another Twitter user, Jon Lim, added, “Glad to see you talk with sense. Unlike other BCH proponents.”

CoinGeek founder Calvin Ayre already saw the imminent return of entities like ViaBTC to the real Bitcoin. He previously stated, “I said it publicly when the delist attack happened… [T]hey will all be forced to come back to real Bitcoin as it will be the last platform standing.”

Yang has set the wheels in motion and Bitcoin will continue to thrive. As of this writing, according to CoinMarketCap, BSV is still the only top-15 coin to register gains. Bitcoin Core (BTC) is down 6.79% and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is down 6.92%. However, BSV is up 3.81%, and has been on an upward climb continuously over the past week.

Major BSV supporter and development group nChain sees Yang’s comments as proof positive of how the Bitcoin ecosystem is evolving and recognizing things for how they truly are. The chairman of the board for nChain, Stefan Matthews, asserts, “Haipo Yang believes Craig Wright is Satoshi Nakamoto. Haipo told me so explicitly on August 22, 2017 when I had a meeting at his office in Shenzhen, China; this was just a few weeks after the BCH hard fork split from BTC. That’s why, during last year’s Bitcoin Cash hash war, it was dumbfounding to see Haipo oppose the man who birthed Bitcoin and the entire industry from which Haipo and so many others make their livelihood. I suppose monetary incentives always win out, and it’s ironic to now see Haipo and ViaBTC ready to add BSV support because of demand from miners in their pool.”

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