BSV the biggest mover in May

BSV the biggest mover in May

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The last month or so has been particularly interesting for cryptocurrency, with more movements registered than had been seen in almost a year. The upward climb recorded has gotten the speculation wheels turning in overdrive, with some people predicting a blowout is imminent. Of course, there are also those who assert that the increases are nothing more than a farce, with an impending bubble burst that will be louder than an F-16’s jets. Only time will tell which way the needle goes, but what we can say without a doubt is that, out of all of the jumps, Bitcoin SV (BSV), saw the biggest.

Bitcoin Core (BTC) is only tenth on the list of price improvements for May, according to data prepared by It registered an increase of 60% over 200 days. During the same period, BSV jumped a massive 231%. Depending on the source, the digital currency has been as high as $252 and still sits at $212.63 on CoinMarketCap. This, after hovering around $62 just about two weeks ago. Messari has it listed at $214.16.

Coincidentally, judging by the current information on Messari, BTC has dropped 2.96% in the past 24 hours. All of the top 15 coins are down at least 2%, with the exception of Ripple (XRP), which is down just 0.20%. That is, except for BSB, which continues to climb and is up 9.76%.

BSV is now number 8 among the top coins on both Messari and CoinMarketCap. Another crypto analytics firm, Longhash, indicates that the coin has jumped 247%. At its lowest point, BSV traded at $53.22 and at its highest, recorded last week, $250. This marks a 360% overall increase.

At the beginning of May, BSV recorded a drop in the number of unique addresses seen daily on the blockchain. There were 6.679 unique addresses on May 1, according to BitInfocharts, which was a huge decline from the 14,100 seen just a day before. However, as of May 31, the number was up to 15,978, resulting in Longhash stating, “Comparing these figures seems to indicate that Bitcoin SV has not only recovered from its dip at the start of the month, but also increased its pool of active addresses.”

BSV is the only cryptocurrency that has not wavered from the original design of Bitcoin. It is also the only crypto to recognize that the original Bitcoin white paper was more than accurate with its details on how to develop a digital currency, including in its scaling capabilities. While all other projects have seen their developers toying with the code to suit their own goals, BSV remains true to Bitcoin and its tenets.

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