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Utilizing triple entry accounting in auditing, Hollywood: CoinGeek Backstage

The Triple Entry Accounting (TEA) Inaugural Conference was “a great success, and the presentations were enlightening,” says Dr. Eva Porras. In her interview with CoinGeek Backstage, Porras discussed the application of triple entry accounting and singled out her standout presentations from the November event.

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The conference, held in Malta, is the brainchild of industry titan Ian Grigg. Its inaugural edition centered on the tagline “A New Accounting Paradigm for the Information Age,” with Grigg joining experts like UNISOT’s Torje Sunde in presenting their papers.

Porras is the CEO of Blockchain Smart Technologies, a Dubai-based blockchain consultancy with operations in over 50 countries. She is also an investor in multiple blockchain companies “developing solutions that improve legacy technology with blockchain.”

The conference’s first edition had been a great success, Porras told CoinGeek Backstage.

“The presentations have been very enlightening, either because they solve a number of problems or because of the practical cases,” she stated, hoping the conference was the first of many more.

Porras singled out Sunde’s presentation as one of the most practical. The UNISOT CFO explained how he utilizes triple entry accounting to audit the Norwegian company and how the attendees can translate the same in their firms. nChain was also represented, and according to Porras, the London company’s presentation complemented Tunde’s paper.

Ted Rivera’s presentation, focusing on triple entry accounting in Hollywood, also stood out for Porras.

“It was about the distribution of rights, money, and how to avoid corruption in this industry…he presented it in a way that had us all engaged, and he helped us understand the problems, as well as how the solutions came with triple entry accounting technology,” Porras told CoinGeek Backstage.

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