UptimeSV: An exciting hackathon victory sets up BSV for more real use

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The first Bitcoin SV (BSV) hackathon was a huge success, with dozens of teams from around the world competing to make an application that would assist in user and developer onboarding. UptimeSV were crowned the winners of that contest at the CoinGeek Toronto 2019 scaling conference, and our Becky Liggero caught up with them on the sideline to discuss their project and their experience in the competition.

The idea behind the project is to give enterprises a solution their sorely need, while giving the BSV community a financial incentive to participate in the endeavor. “Well, we’re utilizing the money mobility of the Bitcoin SV network, as well as its decentralized user base, to solve the problem of DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) monitoring for big enterprise customers,” said team captain Dean Little. “It’s a really big problem, it costs them a lot of money, the solutions out there aren’t really tailored to them. So we decided, let’s make something that solves the huge problem of enterprise that enables us to get thousands of new people on the Metanet for free.”

Liggero asked the team about the pressures of the hackathon, and if they had any other plans if the theme was different. “We had a few ideas but it was always up to the scenario,” replied Jye Turner. “We settled on probably about five, but once the actual scenario came out, it was a bit difficult, we had to switch it up. We stuck to the plan and didn’t get much sleep, but it was a good experience. Other than that, we got it all together exactly how we wanted it. We weren’t able to complete it fully but yeah, we’re happy with what we have.”

Finally, Liggero asked why they felt this was a project that was destined for BSV. “I think compared to a lot of the other Bitcoin blockchain forks out there, it really hits the strength of Bitcoin SV when it comes to the micropayments because currently with things like Paypal, you couldn’t imagine doing all these micro fees for small jobs for useful data,” Brent Bevear responded. “What Bitcoin SV really enables is that really quick, cheap way of transmitting money for work.”

All of this will be a great inspiration to the second BSV hackathon finalists, BitQ&A, Codugh and Hive. In their competition, they were asked to build something that would emphasize the use of small amounts of BSV by users. They will compete for the $35,000 in BSV prizes that will be handed out at CoinGeek Seoul.

If you want to see another inspiring and thrilling end to a hackathon, you can be a part of the crowd that judges these three finalist. Just check out our CoinGeek Seoul page and pick up some tickets for yourself.

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