Finalists of second Bitcoin SV virtual hackathon revealed

The second Bitcoin SV (BSV) hackathon took place August 17-19, seeking once again to lift the hardest working and most talented developers of the BSV community. Preliminary judging has now come and gone, and the top three projects have been selected to move on to CoinGeek Seoul conference as finalists.

The theme of this hackathon is the use of Bitcoin. Contestants could build any project they could imagine, but to win, they had to find an inventive way to allow ordinary users to use small amounts of Bitcoin to gain great value.

Realizing that goal and now booked to travel to Seoul, South Korea, are BitQ&A, Codugh and Hive.

BitQ&A is, much like the name implies, a question and answer application. Users can ask whatever questions they need answers to, and other users can be rewarded by answering those questions with substantive answers. This application not only provides an incentive model for growing the knowledge of the BSV community, but could become an invaluable resource for future BSV developers.

Monetizing APIs was the goal of Codugh. The team behind that project wanted to use the power of BSV to allow consumers to spend a small amount of BSV every time they made an API call. This helps monetize the notoriously difficult to monetize system and incentivize more developers to create useful API platforms.

Finally, if you’ve ever spent a whole night falling down an internet rabbit hole of knowledge, you’ll quickly understand Hive. Acting much like a “beehive” structure, Hive allows users to build honeycombs of knowledge, and then point to other bits of knowledge and stick to it, like it’s all covered in sticky honey. What you end up with is a vast array of knowledge, just waiting for users to jump in and browse.

Four contributions were recognized as runner-ups; great projects all, but just not making the finalist group this time around. Sourceshare seeks to allow BSV developers to use verifiable code. True Reviews is attempting to reward users for writing great reviews. ScrollPay seeks to monetize content in a way where users pay for as much as they scroll. Finally, Ask The World provides a supply and demand economic model for seeking any kind of assistance.

These are all great solutions, made possible by the massive blockchain scaling of Bitcoin SV. As block sizes continue to increase, regardless of however much traffic the BSV blockchain sees, transaction fees stay incredibly low. This allows inventive applications like these to create micropayment services, where users can ask for reasonable payment for their content and services.

And don’t forget, you can be at the CoinGeek Seoul conference, to be held on October 1-2, and be part of the crowd that decides amongst these three finalists. $35,000 will be paid out to these three projects, and if it’s anything like the last hackathon, their presentations will be amazing. Don’t wait, get your tickets while they’re still available.

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