Upgraded GMO crypto miner features 33TH/s max hash power

Upgraded GMO crypto miner features 33TH/s max hash power

Japan-based internet giant GMO has launched the upgraded version of its crypto mining computer, which comes with a 7nm ASIC chip along with a boatload of new features.

The B3 miner, available for order from GMO, will be retailing at the same price as its sold-out predecessor, the B2 model. Orders are currently accepted, but shipping will start in November. The prices will start at $1,999 beginning this month but will go up monthly according to demand. GMO promises to upgrade customers’ B2 miners to B3 “for free if requested.”

Like the B2 model, the new GMO B3 model as an upgrade of version B2 and comes with an ASIC 7nm processing chip, the GMO 72b. The chip supports mining of SHA256 and can also mine BTC and Bitcoin Cash.

The B3 model, however, comes with higher hash power at a maximum of 33TH/s, unlike the B2 whose hash power was locked at 24TH/s. According to GMO, the B3 can operate at the same hash power level as the B2, with an option for users to adjust the hash power up to its maximum of 33TH/s.

“While we were selling GMO miner B2, several customers have requested a function to adjust the hash power. Therefore, we accelerated the planned development of ‘hash power optimization function,’ which can set the optimal hash power and power consumption,” according to the company.

In terms of power consumption, the B3 consumes 103W per 1TH/s or 3,417w per unit, higher than B2’s 81W per 1TH/s or 1,950w per unit. It should be noted that B3 can operate at the same level as the B2. Their point of departure is that B3 only consumes the top power figures above when it is at its maximum level.

B3’s special feature, according to GMO, is that is allows users to set their power consumption and hash power either at automatic or manual mode. With these new features, users can increase the performance of the B3 miner, which optimally improves its efficiency. Under the automatic setting, the B3 rig changes its hash power upwards towards its maximum, or lower depending on the cost of electricity. These changes in electricity cost usually come about depending on the user’s mining environment and the changes in the global hash rate.

The new model is also compatible with all additional services implemented in the GMO miner B2. Users can place orders from GMO’s website and pay with U.S. dollars, Bitcoin Cash or BTC. The B3 miner prices are inclusive of two power units but do not cover shipping charges. The B3 miner package comes with a 180-day warranty.

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