Updated statement about Jimmy Wales appearance at CoinGeek London 2020

Jimmy Wales is best known for the creation of Wikipedia, which many in the blockchain world see as an inspiration in terms of being an open and decentralized system. Wales will appear at CoinGeek London 2020 to engage in a moderated discussion, and explain why he is a strong contrarian for many of the use cases proposed by proponents of cryptocurrency and blockchain. He will offer his opinion that there is zero applicability for any blockchain in terms of improving the quality of information online and how developments in the cryptocurrency space are of no value in this area.

Therefore, Wales would like to clarify the following: “Last week, I published tweets which referenced Bitcoin SV as having no value or use to Wikipedia. Those social media posts reflect my opinion about cryptocurrencies and blockchains generally not having value to Wikipedia, and is not an opinion I hold uniquely about BSV.”

Wales believes there is a huge danger for entrepreneurs and investors be taken in by hype. “Taking a bad idea, like allowing the truth to be for sale to the highest bidder in Wikipedia, and adding blockchain/cryptocurrency, doesn’t turn the bad idea into a good idea” he says. In his CoinGeek appearance, he wants to challenge thinking and argue that  blockchain enthusiasts are being taken in by hype that doesn’t actually make sense.

Many supporters of Bitcoin SV disagree with Wales, and believe that Bitcoin and blockchain technology can in fact improve the quality of information online, and not just on Wikipedia.

At CoinGeek London on February 21, Jimmy Wales will enter into a reasoned and thoughtful debate with Dr. Craig Wright, Chief Scientist of nChain, on these issues. The discussion will be moderated by conference MC Jimmy Nguyen, President of Bitcoin Association.

CoinGeek conferences provide a forum for knowledge-sharing and discussion—including with those who do not necessarily support Bitcoin SV or other specific cryptocurrency or blockchain projects. The CoinGeek event team therefore welcomes Wales for a spirited discussion with Dr. Wright, and is confident its audience will find the experience worthwhile.

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