Unwriter rolls out Eventchain Bitcoin events log

Unwriter rolls out Eventchain Bitcoin events log

Bitcoin developer Unwriter has launched Eventchain, “a general purpose append-only log for capturing and processing filtered Bitcoin events.” The application records blockchain events in a simple log file, rather than “firing once and forgetting.”

According to Unwriter, Eventchain allows developers to use any programming language without restriction or convention to develop applications for Bitcoin SV (BSV), with the ability to process Bitcoin events in the developer’s preferred language.

The log file can be read in any way the developer chooses, and events processed as required to build the backend developers require, offering more flexibility for creating applications for the blockchain.

According to Eventchain, the platform does not require developers to run a full Bitcoin node, though the option to do so may be included in future releases. Internally, Eventchain is powered by Neon Planaria and Bitbus. Yet it differs from BitBus in several key ways, such as the flexibility to process onmempool and onblock events.

The Eventchain architecture was built around four core principles—that the system should be portable, robust, business friendly and convertible.

In the near future, the developer said Eventchain would introduce support for BSV as a host, which would provide users with the option to run their own node, use Bitbus, and switch seamlessly between the two as required.

“Powered by Bitbus, Eventchain lets you build your own Bitcoin-powered backend WITHOUT having to run a Bitcoin full node yourself,” the platform noted. “Currently Eventchain is powered by Bitbus, but in the future it will support both Bitbus AND Bitcoin as host (once Neon Planaria supports this feature), so developers have the option to switch back and forth between running their own Bitcoin full node and using Bitbus.”

While the Neon Planaria framework is still the preferred choice for those working in JavaScript, Eventchain offers more flexibility to a wider demographic of developers across different programming languages.

Eventchain is the latest application to be inspired by Bitcoin SV, at a time of increasing developer activity on the blockchain. BSV is the preferred option for a growing number of developers looking to access blockchain transactions with fractional costs, speedy processing and mass scalability.

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