Unwriter announces the su Bitcoin authentication protocol

Unwriter announces the su Bitcoin authentication protocol

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You never have to wait too long for a new innovation from Unwriter, the anonymous Bitcoin SV developer. On October 28, he rolled out his latest new coding development, announcing su, a simple protocol for authenticating Bitcoin applications.

Unwriter announced the new protocol on Twitter, and linked to a website describing everything you need to know about it.

Inspired the Unix command using the same two letters, su “is the first Bitcom command designed for powering actual application transactions themselves by acting as an authentication extension to all apps,” he wrote. He created the new protocol, he adds, because while flexible authentication protocols have previously been made for Bitcoin transactions, he wanted something that “just works.”

While code can always be a bit puzzling to non-developers, su has been kept fairly simple, meaning it will be very easy for other developers to pick it up and start using it immediately.

He notes that su can be used beyond simple cash transactions, and can help authenticate anything on the blockchain. To help developers understand how the protocol works, he goes on to prove that, showing the code for a B protocol upload with a line by line explanation of what the code accomplishes. He also shows the code’s ability to work with a multi-field signature.

Importantly though, Unwriter noted on Twitter that this is a proposal rather than a finish project, and he’s looking forward to feedback.

While the immediate reaction to Unwriter’s new creation was a little more understated, veteran Bitcoin researcher and Head of Technology at Bitcoin SV aligned management consultancy Faiā Brendan Lee quickly understood the significance of the new code.


This is Unwriter’s first big reveal since September, when he announced Overpool, the offchain ledger for the Bitcoin SV (BSV) blockchain. This also marks the third project the anonymous developer has made public since starting his Planaria Corp company, although he’s had more than a dozen other innovations in 2019, easily making him one of the most noted Bitcoin developers in the industry.

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