CoinGeek Toronto after party highlights

CoinGeek Toronto Conference 2019 after party highlights

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After two amazing days of learning at CoinGeek Toronto- an invite-only Developer’s Day and a Main Conference Day – the Bitcoin SV (BSV) creator, BSV leaders, developers, merchants, investors, miners, media and other BSV enthusiasts gathered at EFS, Toronto’s hottest night club, for an evening of birthday celebrations and Caribbean fun. 

The party doubled as the official closing party for CoinGeek Toronto and CoinGeek Founder Calvin Ayre’s birthday party, featuring a Caribbean theme with a steel drum band and gorgeous women dressed in Carnival attire upon arrival.

Go-go dancers, twerking masters, Caribbean-themed canapes, more gorgeous women and endless drinks were waiting for guests inside as a DJ spun party tunes on the main floor. A more chilled out space on the upstairs roof deck awaited those seeking a more relaxed atmosphere.

“What I am impressed about the most is the community that’s coming together around this product. The developers understand that scaling solves all problems, that’s a direct quote from Dr. Craig Wright and I think its happening right in front of our eyes. I don’t know what else to say, its amazing”, Ayre told

When asked about his reaction to the party, Michael Hudson of Bitstocks used one word to describe it- “crazy”.

“This is just crazy. Everyone’s had a great event its been very heart-felt, very heart warming and I think everyone deserves to let off some steam right now”, Hudson shared.

“This is the Woodstock of Bitcoin!”, James Belding of Tokenized told

“Amazing. I think although we’ve had hard forks throughout the lifecycle, Bitcoin has brought our community closer together. We’re now a family, even though its quite small, we’re a society like Craig mentioned and what better way to enjoy it over drinks and friends”, added Stephen Lerotheou of Bitstocks.

The creator of Bitcoin himself, Dr. Craig Wright, made an appearance as well and toasted to with Bitcoin Association’s Jimmy Nguyen by his side, both with a glass of Dom Perignon in hand. 

“Craig is a mean dancer!”, Nguyen revealed to

And of course, what Caribbean-themed party is complete without world class twerking? Not ours! When asked what he thought of the twerking performances at the party, Alex Agut of Handcash smiled and responded with, “I think the quality is pretty good”.

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