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Unlocking limitless revenue streams: Digital Twins in sports arenas

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This editorial by Zetly All in One Sport Fan Engagement NFT Platform CEO and founder Michał Glijer was first published here. Check out Zetly and Transmira at the World Football Summit Europe in Sevilla, Spain, on September 20-21—CoinGeek readers get a 15% discount on tickets, register here!

In today’s dynamic world, Digital Twin technology has surged into the limelight, revolutionizing various industries. Imagine a 3D mirror image of real-world spaces within the metaverse. While this innovation has captivated diverse sectors, it has particularly ignited the sports arena. The inception of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) has metamorphosed revenue generation for clubs and sports venues. This article delves into the diverse revenue streams offered by Sports Digital Twins fueled by the groundbreaking technology of Transmira’s Omniscape and Zetly, opening a new era for the sports industry.

Unveiling the potential of NFTs

NFTs, digital assets symbolizing ownership of exclusive content or items, have introduced a revolutionary stream of income within the sports realm. When harnessed through Digital Twins, they unlock a trove of opportunities for both sports organizations and ardent fans.

Pioneering the change with Omniscape™ and Zetly

Enter Transmira’s Omniscape™ and Zetly – catalysts of innovation for Sports Digital Twins. They provide the framework for the creation and management of NFTs intricately linked to virtual portrayals of stadiums, teams, and players. These NFTs, residing on blockchain-based marketplaces, enable the trade, purchase, and sale of assets. This generates considerable revenue for sports entities while also delivering unparalleled digital experiences for fans.

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Diverse avenues of revenue

Let’s explore the plethora of revenue streams that Digital Twins offer:

1. 3D Content Marketplaces

Fully integrated with blockchain technology, Sports Digital Twins bring to life 3D content marketplaces. Fans can now acquire virtual tickets for live events, merchandise, and an array of digital items related to their cherished teams. NFT tickets grant access to digital stadium seats, providing an immersive experience. Enhanced options like backstage passes, player meet-and-greets, and exclusive content further personalize the journey. Clubs and arenas can also profit from the sale of licensed products via these marketplaces.

2. Digital Collectibles

NFTs carve a niche in the digital collectibles realm. Limited-edition player cards, virtual merchandise, and iconic game moments become treasures to collect, trade, and showcase. This flourishing marketplace adds another dimension to sports-related NFTs.

3. Virtual Real Estate

Clubs seize a golden opportunity to monetize their digital twin through the sale of virtual real estate. Envision virtual seats or private boxes, accessible for live events or virtual experiences. Additionally, clubs can allocate virtual spaces to sponsors, extending a unique marketing avenue to reach a global audience.

4. Spatial Advertising

Digital twins create a canvas for spatial advertising. Strategic placement of virtual ads within the stadium, like digital billboards behind goalposts or banners above stands, unveils fresh avenues for sponsor engagement. Clubs can effectively sell this ad space, resulting in supplementary revenue.

5. Enhanced Sponsorship

Sponsorship, a traditional revenue channel, receives a modern facelift through Digital Twin technology. Clubs replicate their stadium in the digital realm, offering sponsors novel avenues for fan interaction: virtual player encounters, immersive experiences, and customized content. Insights from the Digital Twin data also empower clubs to measure sponsorship effectiveness.

6. NFT Memorabilia

Clubs introduce NFTs representing bricks within their stadium walls. Fans purchase these NFTs as tokens of support or memorabilia. Blockchain marketplaces facilitate these transactions, propelling revenue growth.

7. Virtual Stadium Naming Rights

Imagine clubs selling the naming rights of their virtual stadium to partners or sponsors. The Digital Twin prominently showcases the chosen name, offering branding visibility across various virtual spots – scoreboards, banners, and beyond.

8. Virtual Stores for Partners

Virtual stores emerge within Digital Twins, where partners vend merchandise and services to fervent fans. These outlets can be stationed throughout the stadium, enabling clubs to monetize by charging rent or commission for product sales.

9. Enriched Fan Involvement

Digital twins intensify fan engagement by introducing novel interaction opportunities. Virtual fan stores spotlight official collections, while events and contests during off-seasons or away games cultivate fan excitement.

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