Twetch makeover improves user experience

Twetch is getting revamped to improve the user’s experience. The first thing users will notice is the new design introducing advanced search functionality just above the leaderboard. Users can more easily find the type of content they’re looking for, and it cost only $1 to unlock this feature.  

The update also comes with a new user interface, so users have an easier time monetizing and moving up the leader board. As you’re browsing the page, you can now switch it over into a dark mode for clearer and more comfortable viewing. Visually, the redesign is more contemporary and dramatically improves the navigating and browsing experience. 

The team at Twetch remained very busy over the past month while dealing with the fallout from the COVID-19 global pandemic. The reveal closely follows an earlier announcement last week that Twetch has also launched simplified peer-to-peer payments to make it easier for people to send money.  

Users can transact by merely entering a command line of text and tagging the receiver with the dollar value of the transfer into the app. Twetch‘s on-chain payment system will publicly validate the transfers. Twetch hopes this will help get more people inclined to use P2P payments as reliance on the traditional payment gateways continues to shrink.

Here’s a quick video from Twetch showing off the look:

Alongside the application, it’s the developer’s turn to share in the announcement this month. As earlier reported, the team added a “read API” to its software development kit (SDK), which allows 3rd party builders to create customized Twetch clients that can filter specific content. 

Twetch has committed to transforming the online social network experience. The social network allows content creators and data owners to earn money directly for their efforts. It offers users full control over their data and content on the platform by writing it to the Bitcoin SV data ledger. Anyone can review the transaction ID and network block of each post forever. 

Twetch, powered by the Bitcoin SV, is built using a model that monetizes content creation for users and a P2P reward system. The developers behind Twetch are at the forefront of the Bitcoin ecosystem, onboarding users while continuing to evolve. They show that innovation continues to occur throughout the Bitcoin SV ecosystem.

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