Twetch Founders: “Twetch empowers the user”

Twetch is already taking the Bitcoin community by storm, allowing users to monetize every post they make and earn Bitcoin SV (BSV) for their efforts. We reached out to the creators of the platform to find out more about their upcoming plans, and their thoughts on what they’ve already built.

As we noted in our review, Twetch is currently in a private beta, requiring new users to sign up for a waiting list, or receive an invite from the platform’s owners. We asked them what their plan was to open up registration to more users. “Yes, we are going to expand to a public release,” they confirmed. “We have a very large waitlist. People are very interested in earning money for content they would usually share for free.”

We also asked them about what features we might see coming to the platform, as it appears they’re adding highly sought after tools on a fairly frequent basis. They were tightlipped, but gave a peek into their process. “We are constantly working on new Twetch features,” they noted. “We release a new feature every Wednesday. Follow us on to find out what we will release this week.”

With thousands of users already, and only through a tightly controlled waiting list and invite system, Twetch is already growing at a fairly fast pace. We asked them their thoughts. “Twetch’s growth is very strong,” they said. “It’s growing every day. We are preparing ourselves to meet the high demand of a public release.”

Finally, we wondered what kind of users they see being attracted to their platform, and if they bear any resemblance to those you might find on similar social media sites like Twitter. “They are users of Twitter and other social media platforms, but they want to get paid for their content,” they noted. “The only difference between the average internet user and somebody who uses Twetch is that a Twetch user can make a profit on content they would normally share for free. Twetch empowers the user. You can sign up for Twetch at”

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