Tokenized collaborates with Aequantium to provide better services for investors on BSV

Tokenized collaborates with Aequantium to provide better services for investors on BSV

Contract platform developers Tokenized are moving into the world of tokenized digital asset management. The company signed a development and service agreement this week with Aequantium LLC, a U.S.-based futures fund manager, to create and issue investment-related tokens and supply contract management and services.

Aequantium, a startup based in Portland, Oregon, manages the Volatility Fund. This is a managed futures fund that holds investors’ cash and other collateral against a portfolio of exchange-traded futures and options on selected contract markets.

Tokenized will provide internal control accounting and smart contract management solutions, which includes tokenizing investors’ participation in the fund. Investors will have records of their transactions timestamped and recorded securely on the BSV blockchain via the Tokenized protocol, while both investors and regulators will be able to use the system to access fund data.

Aequantium believes these features will enable the firm to offer new features and provide a novel form of access controls for investors to participate. The Tokenized software platform, built on the Tokenized protocol, is a software suite that allows businesses to manage their assets and other secure records in one place, in standardized formats with automation capabilities, taking advantage of the BSV network’s unbounded scalability and ability to handle transactions of any size, and various kinds of data.

The solution represents a more responsible and legally sound way to issue blockchain tokens in the investments world, using them for record-keeping and access rather than creating more speculative assets. Bitcoin creator Dr. Craig S. Wright has made repeated calls for Bitcoin tokens to represent other tradeable assets, rather than become the assets themselves.

Aequantium Manager Geoffrey Hammond said using Tokenized’s platform represented a “unique approach” that would bring extra value for his company’s clients:

“The Tokenized platform enables our business to implement several new and innovative features, including issuing tokens—digital assets controlled by smart contracts—to represent participation in the fund. This unique approach unlocks a host of new features and ways to interact with the fund for investors and regulators alike—factors we believe will help set Aequantium apart.”

Tokenized CEO James Belding said he was “looking forward to a long-standing collaboration” with the Aequantium team, and was “confident that we can deliver a big win for Aequantium’s management and investors” as his company continued to refine its own platform.

Geoffrey Hammond will also speak on using blockchain technology to disrupt traditional futures markets at the upcoming CoinGeek conference in New York City, starting October 5, 2021.

Tokenized works on the principle that, by automating and programming certain functions using digital contracts, businesses can streamline operations and ultimately save money by devoting resources to more important tasks. For fund managers like Aequantium, these functions also need to be recorded in a format that can be audited and verified at any point in the future—by both investors and financial regulators.

As well as utilizing the power of the BSV blockchain to keep these records, creating a system that’s easy to use and which provides real-time updates is vital. It must be simple to use even for non-technical users, and interoperable with other functions within a user’s company to be worthwhile. Tokenized’s interface helps move the “plumbing” of BSV and blockchain into the background, while guaranteeing trust at senior management level and others who might be hesitant to leap into the blockchain world at first.

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